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[ANY] Client-Side Paint Plugin (v1.0.0, 24/06/2022)

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    SourceMod plugin to provide paint functionality for players, visible only client-side. Great for movement gamemodes!
    Old 06-24-2022 , 02:08   [ANY] Client-Side Paint Plugin (v1.0.0, 24/06/2022)
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    This plugin has been on my GitHub for over a year, but someone suggested I post it here so it's easier for people to find, so here I go!

    This is a standalone plugin intended to provide the +paint feature to players for visibility and to mark landmarks, with decals being fully client-sided. This is ideal for servers that want to provide the feature to players, but do not want it to be abused to destroy visibility and cause chaos! Tested only on CS:GO, but should work on other games.

    • Players can bind +paint to a key using "bind KEY +paint" in console. When this key is held down, they will continously place paint on the surface they are looking at.
    • sm_paint - places down a single paint decal on the surface the player is aiming at.
    • sm_paintoptions - opens the options menu, which can be used to access options to change paint colour and size.
    • sm_paintcolour (or sm_paintcolor) - opens the paint colour settings menu.
    • sm_paintsize - opens the paint size settings menu.
    • sm_clearpaint will tell you how to clear decals, since I couldn't figure out how to make the plugin force clear decals for the player.

    This plugin uses clientprefs to store settings, so player's paint settings are remembered when they join the server.

    Players can choose from 14 colours and 3 size options!

    By default, the commands are open to all players. If you would like to restrict the commands to certain flags, please use overrides: https://wiki.alliedmods.net/Overridi...ess_(Sourcemod)

    1. Download the ZIP from either GitHub or this thread
    2. Drop the "materials" and "addons" folders into your server's game folder. ("csgo" for CS:GO)
    3. Drop the "materials" folder into your FastDL, if you use one.



    GitHub: https://github.com/1zc/Player-Paint

    You'll need the MultiColors (https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=247770) include. This plugin works on SourceMod 1.10, but I haven't tested whether it works on SourceMod 1.11.
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    Old 06-24-2022 , 02:09   Re: [ANY] Client-Side Paint Plugin (v1.0.0, 24/06/2022)
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    I would definitely recommend this plugin. I have been using it on over 20 servers for year+ now and it has never let me down. A really great paint plugin if you are looking for a client side paint plugin!
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