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[CSGO][IDEA] Need some Info!

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Old 07-30-2020 , 21:18   [CSGO][IDEA] Need some Info!
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Hello, All.

I am reaching out on the suggestion of a dev, who made the Decoy Dodgeball plugin some years back.
I manage a Decoy Dodgeball server for him - and recently also took up some hobby-coding..if you could call it that.
I was mainly working with Python just to get my feet wet.. and so far I'm finding a nice basic understanding of *most* subjects. I hit a wall when Object Oriented Programming came up; and a few of the guys suggested I try some SourcePawn just to take a break (also, since it's moderately simple to learn/use for basic tasks)

>>> WITH THAT SAID... The DB (dodgeball) plugin is obviously just a quick-n-dirty way to play dodgeball, by throwing decoys at each other. On hit, you die. Simple.

What I am looking to do is create a plugin to run alongside the DB plugin that will allow you to catch the decoy; this needs to be somewhat challenging, as you wouldn't want people just constantly being able to catch them.

My basic idea is the plugin will give a tight window in which you can hit Use[e] to snatch the decoy out of the air before it hits you; or even while is passes by you at close proximity...
.. When the decoy is caught, I want to implement the common dodgeball rule to allow a player to re-join the match; or in other words for CSGO.. come back from the dead, and re-spawn.

The Dev for the DB plugin, said it was probably possible.. though he wasn't aware of how to do it; assuming the creator of *this* plugin would need to know how to mess with Vector/Physics within SourcePawn. He does not, unfortunately.

Anyway, I think I've laid out the general idea of what I am aiming to create.

Can anyone possibly point me in the right direction? Some material on Vector/Physics in SrcPwn, or even something similar that I can follow by example?

In the meantime, I appreciate you taking the read, and hopefully supplying some info.

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