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[TF2] GetHealerByIndex

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Old 04-16-2018 , 20:31   [TF2] GetHealerByIndex
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Tired of looping every single entity to find out just what is healing the player?

Well no more!

PHP Code:
stock int GetHealerByIndex(int clientint index)
int m_aHealers FindSendPropInfo("CTFPlayer""m_nNumHealers") + 12;
Address m_Shared GetEntityAddress(client) + view_as<Address>(m_aHealers);
Address aHealers view_as<Address>(LoadFromAddress(m_SharedNumberType_Int32));
    return (
LoadFromAddress(aHealers view_as<Address>(index 0x24), NumberType_Int32) & 0xFFF);

Example usage:
PHP Code:
for (int i 0GetEntProp(clientProp_Send"m_nNumHealers"); i++)
int iHealerIndex GetHealerByIndex(clienti);
bool bIsClient = (iHealerIndex <= MaxClients);
PrintToServer("\"%N\" <- healed by player \"%N\" [%i]"clientiHealerIndexiHealerIndex);
char class[64];
GetEntityClassname(iHealerIndex, class, sizeof(class));
PrintToServer("\"%N\" <- healed by entity \"%s\" [%i]"client, class, iHealerIndex);

"Pelipoika" <- healed by entity "obj_dispenser" [56]
"Pelipoika" <- healed by player "Chell" [2]
"Pelipoika" <- healed by player "Totally Not A Bot" [4]

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Old 04-17-2018 , 17:31   Re: [TF2] GetHealerByIndex
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Thank you very much for this!!
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Old 04-22-2018 , 13:24   Re: [TF2] GetHealerByIndex
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This proves Pelipoika is a coding hacker,
Thanks for that.
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Old 04-25-2018 , 16:16   Re: [TF2] GetHealerByIndex
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You wizard
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Old 04-26-2018 , 07:54   Re: [TF2] GetHealerByIndex
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Originally Posted by xXDeathreusXx View Post
You wizard
Completely agree!
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