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[CS:GO] Open MOTD window without redirect page (javascript)

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Neuro Toxin
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Old 05-13-2018 , 16:24   Re: [CS:GO] Open MOTD window without redirect page (javascript)
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I'm pretty sure this suffers from an update a while back where pages on the same domain dont refresh.

This was my crafty fix.

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Old 05-14-2018 , 20:16   Re: [CS:GO] Open MOTD window without redirect page (javascript)
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Recent versions of the Source SDK block URLs that don't start with http or https (or aren't about:blank).

Here's my take on the workaround. No external custom service required (so no third-party trust), but it does require a static page, which is still against the idea of this thread.

If you can't / don't want to host a static page with embedded URLs in hashes (which is how my workaround works), you could theoretically preload a custom popup page into the InfoPanel stringtable with your JavaScript and send it over to the client, but based on my experience with stringtables, you'd need a delay for it to propagate before displaying it.

Attached my personal test plugin for it; check the ShowMOTDPopupStandalone and related functions. Haven't booted up CS:GO in a while so I'm not completely sure they're still in working order.
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