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DOD Custom Random

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Day of Defeat        Category:   Fun Stuff        Approver:   Arkshine (91)
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Old 10-15-2010 , 14:02   DOD Custom Random
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DOD Custom Random

With this plugin you can set which classes you want to be included when playing on random.
How to use it:
There is a single command with three arguments, dod_custom_random. Each argument is a sum of the of class IDs given below. First argument for Allies, second for Axis and third for British.

-- Allies (US) --
Rifleman		1
Staff Sergeant		2
Master Sergeant		4
Sergeant		8
Sniper			16
Support Infantry	32
Machine Gunner		64
Bazooka			128
Random			512

-- Axis --
Grenadier		1
Stosstruppe		2
Unteroffizier		4
Sturmtuppe		8
Scharfschutze		16
Fg42-Zweibein		32
Fg42-Zielfernrohr	64
Mg34-Shutze		128
Mg42-Shutze		256
Panzerjager		512
Random			2048

-- Allies (UK) aka British --
Rifleman		1
Sergeant Major		2
Marksman		4
Gunner			8
PIAT			16
Random			64
If I only want to be either a Rifleman, Sniper or Machine Gunner on Allies then I would use 1+16+64 = 81 for my first argument. Do one for each of the three teams. Use 0 if you want to use random normally.
Auto set up:
If you do not want to type this in every map then you can create a file (in the client game and not the server) called:
/day of defeat/dod/dod_customrandom.cfg
and should look like this:
dod_custom_random 81 50 3
I understand that most of the people here don't play DOD but would appreciate any feedback about my actual code.
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