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Silent Hill Mod

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Old 08-05-2009 , 13:32   Silent Hill Mod
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I would be glad if someone could do some translations for the Silent Hill Mod. Thanks in advance.

Already translated:
  • English - DA
  • German - DA
  • Dutch - crazyeffect
  • Latvian - NiHiLaNTh
  • fezh - spanish
  • Lithuanian - hleV
  • france - ConnorMcLeod
  • Greek - Sp3rMiNaToR
  • Ro - tuty

MENU_SELECT_CHAR = Select Character:
MENU_EQUIPMAIN = Equip: Main Menu
MENU_EQUIPPRIM = Equip: Primary Weapons
MENU_EQUIPSECONDARY = Equip: Secondary Weapons
MENU_EQUIPNADE = Equip: Grenades
MENU_NEWW = New Weapons
MENU_PREVS = Previous Setup
MENU_DONTSHOW = 2+Don't show menu again

MENU_ALLNADES = All Grenades
MENU_NONADES = No Grenades
MENU_ARMORYES = Yes, armor up

CHAT_EQUIPREENABLE = Type ^"guns^" in chat to re-enable your equip menu.
CHAT_ALREADYGUNS = Your equip menu is already enabled.
CHAT_USEDCHAR = Your changecharacter menu is already enabled.

TXT_CHRISTA_RESCUED = Christabella was rescued by the humans!
TXT_MONSTERS_WIN = Monsters carried all humans to the hell!
TXT_HUMANS_WIN = Humans banned all monsters back to the hell!

HUD_INTO_HELL = You are now in the hell!
HUD_BACK_HELL = You are now back in the nightmare!

MENU_MAIN = Main Menu
MENU_CHANGECHAR = Choose a monster
MENU_OBJ = Help Gameobjectives
MENU_COM = Commands List
MENU_CRED = Credits
MENU_DEMAP = DE_ Maps Help
MENU_CSMAP = CS_ Maps Help
MENU_ASMAP = AS_ Maps Help

TXT_VINCENT_DIED = Vincent died!
TXT_VINCENT_RESCUED = Vincent was rescued by the humans!

Bombspot-Maps (DE_ Maps) have a complete new gameobjective with the 	Silent Hill mod.<br />
After the second dimension appear, Christabella the mother from the 	humans (CTs), will get visible.<br />
Now the monsters (Ts) mission is to kill Christabella before the 	round ends.<br />
Humans have to protect Christabella.<br />
Christabella spawns every dimension switch on a random bombspot.

Hostage-Maps (CS_ Maps) also have a complete new gameobjective with the Silent Hill mod. <br />
After the second dimension appear, Christabella the mother from the humans (CTs), will get visibile.<br />
Christabella spawns every time on the same hostagespot.<br />
The humans (CTs) have to rescue Christabella from the monsters. <br />
The monsters (Ts) have to hinder the humans from doing this. 

Vip-Maps (AS_ Maps) have the ^"old^" gameobjective.<br />
Vincent (the vip) get full weapons and decreased speed in the first dimension.<br />
In the second dimension Vincent get his old speed back. <br />
After the VIP reached the rescuezone, the humans win.<br />
The monsters have to hinder the humans from doing this.

These are the available Clientcommands:<br />
	<li> /shmenu 	 - Allows you to open the Silent Hill Main Menu
	<li> /help		 - Allows you to open the Silent Hill Help Main Menu
	<li> /changechar - Allows you to change your Monster (Character)
	<li> /guns 	 - Allows you to re-open your guns menu

CHAT_ENOUGH_REVIVED = You have enough players revived!
CHAT_WASREVIVED = You were revived by a teammate!

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Old 08-05-2009 , 15:39   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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MENU_SELECT_CHAR = Selecteer Karakter:
MENU_EXIT = Verlaat
MENU_EQUIPMAIN = Equip: Hoofd Menu
MENU_EQUIPPRIM = Equip: Primaire Wapens
MENU_EQUIPSECONDARY = Equip: Secondaire Wapens
MENU_EQUIPARMOR = Equip: Kogelvrije Vest
MENU_EQUIPNADE = Equip: Granaten
MENU_NEWW = Nieuwe Wapens
MENU_PREVS = Vorige Keuze
MENU_DONTSHOW = 2 + Toon dit menu niet meer

MENU_ALLNADES = Alle Granaten
MENU_NONADES = Geen Granataen
MENU_ARMORYES = Ja, een kogelvrije vest
MENU_ARMORNO = Geen Kogelvrije Vest

CHAT_EQUIPREENABLE = Schrijf ^"guns^" in de chat om jouw equip menu terug te gebruiken.
CHAT_ALREADYGUNS = Jouw equip menu is reeds ingeschakeld.
CHAT_USEDCHAR = Jouw veranderkarakter menu is reeds ingeschakeld.

TXT_CHRISTA_RESCUED = Christabella is gered door de mensen!
TXT_MONSTERS_WIN = Monsters brachten alle mensen naar de hel!
TXT_HUMANS_WIN = Mensen verbande alle monsters terug naar de hel!

HUD_INTO_HELL = Je bent nu in de hel!
HUD_BACK_HELL = Je bent nu terug in de nachtmerrie!
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Old 08-05-2009 , 16:11   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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Latvian(in UTF-
MENU_SELECT_CHAR = Izvēlies Tēlu:
MENU_MORE = Vairāk
MENU_BACK = Atpakaļ
MENU_EQUIPMAIN = Aprīkojums: Galvenais Menu
MENU_EQUIPPRIM = Aprīkojums: Primārie Ieroči
Aprīkojums: Sekondārie Ieroči
MENU_EQUIPARMOR = Aprīkojums: Bruņas
MENU_EQUIPNADE = Aprīkojums: Granātas
MENU_NEWW = Jauni Ieroči
MENU_PREVS = Ieprekšējā Izvēle
MENU_DONTSHOW = 2+Nerādīt vairāk

MENU_ALLNADES = Visas Granātas
MENU_NONADES = Nevajag Granatas
MENU_ARMORYES = Ja, Vajag Bruņas
MENU_ARMORNO = Nevajag Bruņas

CHAT_EQUIPREENABLE = Uzraksti ^"guns^" čatā , lai atkal redzētu ieroču menu.
CHAT_ALREADYGUNS = Ierocu menu jau ir ieslēgts.
CHAT_USEDCHAR = Tavs changecharacter menu ir jau ieslēgts.

TXT_CHRISTA_RESCUED = Cilvēki izglābuši Christabellu!
TXT_MONSTERS_WIN = Monstri paņēmusi visus cilvēkus ellē!
TXT_HUMANS_WIN = Cilvēki izsūtiija visus monstrus ellē!

HUD_INTO_HELL = Tu esi ellē!
HUD_BACK_HELL = Tu esi atpakaļ murgā!

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Old 08-05-2009 , 16:50   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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I'm sorry, I didn't see this thread.
My spanish translation is on the plugin's thread.
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Old 08-05-2009 , 21:57   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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MENU_SELECT_CHAR = Pasirinkite veikeja:
MENU_EXIT = Iseiti
MENU_MORE = Toliau
MENU_EQUIPMAIN = Ginkluote: Pagrindinis meniu
MENU_EQUIPPRIM = Ginkluote: Pirminiai ginklai
MENU_EQUIPSECONDARY = Ginkluote: Antriniai ginklai
MENU_EQUIPARMOR = Ginkluote: Sarvai
MENU_EQUIPNADE = Ginkluote: Granatos
MENU_NEWW = Nauji ginklai
MENU_PREVS = Ankstesnis pasirinkimas
MENU_DONTSHOW = 2+Neberodyti meniu
MENU_ALLNADES = Visos granatos
MENU_NONADES = Jokiu granatu
MENU_ARMORYES = Taip, sarvai imami
MENU_ARMORNO = Jokiu sarvu
CHAT_EQUIPREENABLE = Rasyk ^"guns^" pokalbyje, kad vel ijungtum savo ginkluotes meniu.
CHAT_ALREADYGUNS = Tavo ginkluotes meniu jau yra ijungtas.
CHAT_USEDCHAR = Tavo veikejo keitimo meniu jau yra ijungtas.
TXT_CHRISTA_RESCUED = Zmones prikele Christabella!
TXT_MONSTERS_WIN = Monsters nusiunte visus zmones i pragara!
TXT_HUMANS_WIN = Humans istreme visus monstrus atgal i pragara!
HUD_INTO_HELL = Tu dabar pragare!
HUD_BACK_HELL = Tu dabar kosmare!
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Old 08-06-2009 , 03:44   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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MENU_SELECT_CHAR = Choisis un personnage:
MENU_EXIT = Sortir
MENU_BACK = Retour
MENU_EQUIPMAIN = Equipement: Menu Principal
MENU_EQUIPPRIM = Equipement: Armes Primaires
MENU_EQUIPSECONDARY = Equipement: Armes Secondaires
MENU_EQUIPARMOR = Equipement: Armure
MENU_EQUIPNADE = Equipement: Grenades
MENU_NEWW = Nouvelles Armes
MENU_PREVS = Sélection précédente
MENU_DONTSHOW = 2+Ne plus afficher ce menu

MENU_ALLNADES = Toutes les Grenades
MENU_NONADES = Aucune Grenade
MENU_ARMORYES = Oui, de l'Armure
MENU_ARMORNO = Pas d'Armure

CHAT_EQUIPREENABLE = Tape ^"guns^" dans le tchat pour ré-activer le menu d'équipement.
CHAT_ALREADYGUNS = Ton menu d'équipement est déjà activé.
CHAT_USEDCHAR = Ton menu des personnages est déjà activé.

TXT_CHRISTA_RESCUED = Christabella a été délivrée par les humains!
TXT_MONSTERS_WIN = Les monstres ont envoyé tous les humains en enfer!
TXT_HUMANS_WIN = Les humains ont renvoyé tous les monstres en enfer!

HUD_INTO_HELL = Tu es maintenant en enfer!
HUD_BACK_HELL = Tu es revenu dans le cauchemar!
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Old 08-06-2009 , 03:55   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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@DA: Since there are some translation ( like french ) with accents, I suggest you save the dictionary file as UTF-8 without BOM


personages -> personnages
cauchemare -> cauchemar
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Old 08-06-2009 , 05:33   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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Old 08-06-2009 , 12:06   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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MENU_SELECT_CHAR = Διάλεξε χαρακτήρα:
MENU_EXIT = Έξοδος
MENU_MORE = Περισσότερα
MENU_EQUIPMAIN = Εξοπλισμός: Kύριο Μενού
MENU_EQUIPPRIM = Εξοπλισμός: Βασικά Όπλα
MENU_EQUIPSECONDARY = Εξοπλισμός: Δευτερεύοντα όπλα
MENU_EQUIPARMOR = Εξοπλισμός: Πανοπλία
MENU_EQUIPNADE = Εξοπλισμός: Χειροβομβίδες
MENU_NEWW = Νέα Όπλα
MENU_PREVS = Προηγούμενη Οργάνωση
MENU_DONTSHOW = 2+Μην δείξεις το μενού ξανά

MENU_ALLNADES = Όλες οι χειροβομβίδες
MENU_NONADES = Όχι χειροβομβίδες
MENU_ARMORYES = Ναι,θέλω πανοπλία
MENU_ARMORNO = Όχι πανοπλία

CHAT_EQUIPREENABLE = Γράψε ^"guns^" στη συζήτηση για να ξανά-ενεργοποιήσεις το μενού του εξοπλισμού σου.
CHAT_ALREADYGUNS = Το μενού του εξοπλισμού σου είναι ήδη ενεργοποιημένο.
CHAT_USEDCHAR = Το μενού επιλογής χαρακτήρα είναι ήδη ενεργοποιημένο.

TXT_CHRISTA_RESCUED = Η Christabella διασώθηκε από τους ανθρώπους!
TXT_MONSTERS_WIN = Τα τέρατα μετέφεραν όλους τους ανθρώπους στην κόλαση!
TXT_HUMANS_WIN = Οι άνθρωποι ξαπόστειλαν όλα τα τέρατα πίσω στην κόλαση!

HUD_INTO_HELL = Τώρα είσαι μέσα στην κόλαση!
HUD_BACK_HELL = Τώρα είσαι πίσω στον εφιάλτη!
Greek Translation

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Old 08-06-2009 , 18:48   Re: Silent Hill Mod
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MENU_SELECT_CHAR = Selecteaza Caracter:
MENU_EXIT = Iesire
MENU_MORE = Mai mult
MENU_BACK = Inapoi
MENU_EQUIPMAIN = Echipament: Meniu
MENU_EQUIPPRIM = Echipament: Arme Primare
MENU_EQUIPSECONDARY = Echipament: Arme Secundare
MENU_EQUIPARMOR = Echipament: Armura
MENU_EQUIPNADE = Echipament: Grenade
MENU_NEWW = Arme Noi
MENU_PREVS = Armele Precedente
MENU_DONTSHOW = 2 + Nu mai arata meniul

MENU_ALLNADES = Toate Grenadele
MENU_NONADES = Fara Grenade
MENU_ARMORYES = Da, si armura
MENU_ARMORNO = Fara armura

CHAT_EQUIPREENABLE = Scrie ^"guns^" in chat sa iti reafisezi meniul cu arme.
CHAT_ALREADYGUNS = Meniul cu echipamente e deja afisat.
CHAT_USEDCHAR = Meniul de schimbare a caracterului e deja afisat.

TXT_CHRISTA_RESCUED = Christabella a fost salvata de catre oameni!
TXT_MONSTERS_WIN = Monstrii au tras toti oamenii in iad!
TXT_HUMANS_WIN = Oamenii au trimis toti monstrii inapoi in iad!

HUD_INTO_HELL = Acum esti in iad!
HUD_BACK_HELL = Acum esti iarasi intr-un cosmar!!!!!
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