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Solved Unlimited Money fix code

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Old 04-04-2022 , 11:07   Unlimited Money fix code
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Unlimited Money (EJ)
A plugin already exists, but it is very outdated.
With scoreboard_showmoney 1, the maximum it shows is $8,000
The record when passing values greater than $16,000, the money in the hud, has errors when counting and subtracts more money than the cost of the purchase.
Among other incompatibilities that you may not notice, is there a better plugin that fulfills its function?
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Old 04-04-2022 , 11:38   Re: Unlimited Money fix code
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New Money Unlimited Plugin

1. Please put unlimited_money.amxx in the plugins folder and unlimited_money.sma in the scripting folder.
Put unlimited_money.inc in the scripting/include folder.

2. Introduction of parameters and commands:
amx_maxmoney <n>
Set the maximum amount of money that can be achieved, n is greater than or equal to 16000 (if it is less than, it will be automatically set to 16000), the default is 300000
It is best not to exceed 999999, because if it is 7 digits, the last digit cannot be seen in the HUD at all.
amx_startmoney <n>
Start money, used instead of mp_startmoney, greater than or equal to 800 (if less than, automatically set to 800), default 800
amx_savespecmoney <1|0>
Whether the player retains his money after turning into an observer, the default is 0 (CS does not retain it by default)

3. Notes:
1. The number of digits of money cannot be 1 or 6. If it is 1 or 6, it will be automatically reduced by 1 to ensure that the plugin works normally.
2. During the game, please do not change the value of mp_startmoney by yourself.
3. To get or set the player's money in other plugins, use the following two functions:
cs_set_user_money2(id, money, flash=1)
You need to add in front of your plugin source code: #include <unlimited_money>

4. Features of this plugin:
1. Solve the bug that the initial amount of money may be incorrect in the following cases in many such plug-ins:
(1) When you first enter the server to select a team
(2) When the server is refreshed
(3) When entering T or CT from the observer
(4) When entering the server just after changing the map
2. Solve the bug that many such plugins cannot get the real money amount. In other plugins, as long as the cs_get_user_money2 function can get the player's real money amount
3. Solve the limit that the increase/decrease of money cannot exceed 8000 for many such plugins
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