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[DISCORD] Command To Server

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    Old 10-18-2021 , 16:18   [DISCORD] Command To Server
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    Now sending commands to server from discord chat is real!

    First of all we need to create bot here. Give needed perms and then invite it. to server.

    Then create 2 text channels in discord:

    1. For sending commands
    2. To read output of commands

    Later we will take ID of these channels and paste in config.


    - in channel for sending commands, every message will be sent to server as command, so better hide channel from others
    - unfortunately, not every output will be available in discord because of buffer limit
    - don't even think to make same channel for sending commands and outputs

    After loading plugin, if bot will send message to discord as "READY FOR COMMANDS", then we are ready to go.

    Some screenshots:

    If you get problems on installing, write it on comments and maybe i will make a wiki later.


    HTML Code:
    "sm_cts_bot_token - Bot token
    "sm_cts_command_channel_id - Channel id to write commands
    "sm_cts_output_channel - Channel id where bot will send output of commands
    "sm_cts_server_id" - ID of your Server
    There is a config file in cfg/sourcemod/command_to_server.cfg

    Rest In Pawn 1.3
    Discord API

    GitHub Release

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    Old 10-18-2021 , 17:03   Re: [DISCORD] Command To Server
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    What kind of commands does it allow?
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    Old 10-18-2021 , 17:07   Re: [DISCORD] Command To Server
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    Originally Posted by NanoC View Post
    What kind of commands does it allow?
    Anything that ServerCommand can take. You can punish players, add privilegies with some plugin and etc

    Command "status" will not respond on discord if there are too much online players in csgo server because of buffer size limit
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    Old 10-18-2021 , 23:55   Re: [DISCORD] Command To Server
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    Awesome work mate!
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    Old 10-20-2021 , 00:41   Re: [DISCORD] Command To Server
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    If someone have this error:

    [discord_api.smx] [DISCORD] Couldn't Retrieve Guilds - Fail 0 401
    To fix need use Discord-API version:

    Originally Posted by genuine View Post

    Discord API
    apart from this, can you make a method where it is possible to use the command itself as an output-console to avoid this error?

    [discord_api.smx] [DISCORD] Couldn't Send Message - Fail 0 400

    I say this because direct commands such as example sm_slay @all does not have a response in the output-console.

    You whrite: (in discord input commands chat text)
    sm_slay @all
    Then the answer: (in discord output commands chat text)
    sm_slay @all

    Or maybe you can use the chat reply instead of what I mentioned above, only if it doesn't detect any messages on the console.

    sm_slay @all
    [SM] all players dead.

    Another question I have, is it possible that you can add some type of cvar or configuration where only specific discord roles can work?
    This is to prevent using 2 different chat channels (being able to use only 1 same channel) and so that other people can see the discord console, but cannot use it.

    When a Listen Server game takes time to load, the plugin does not load correctly, so the plugin must be reloaded to work correctly, also this generates a problem that the bot sends the message "READY FOR COMMANDS" every time that the plugin reloads.

    What I did to "fix" this problem was to install this plugin:
    [Any] Delay Command
    and Put in my server.cfg (dedicated server) or listenserver.cfg (listening server) this command, example:
    sm_delaycmd_rcon 20 sm plugins reload source_command_to_server.smx

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    Sanjay Singh
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    Old 05-16-2022 , 11:09   Re: [DISCORD] Command To Server
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    Old 05-17-2022 , 14:45   Re: [DISCORD] Command To Server
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    Can you make it ignore bots, so I can make the send and receive channels the same channel?
    I am available to make plugins for pay.

    Discord: Eyal282#1334
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