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[CS:GO] Altering weapon run speed values

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Old 06-17-2022 , 07:35   Re: [CS:GO] Altering weapon run speed values
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Is this still up to date? Could someone help me to figure out how to increase movement speed with a knife?

We are setting up a soccer mod server currently and need to have this changed.

Appreciate the help

Kind Regards
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Old 06-23-2022 , 12:57   Re: [CS:GO] Altering weapon run speed values
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Originally Posted by apocalyptic View Post
Like speed, you can set a custom gravity too. 1.0 is normal. If you set an entity's gravity to 0.0, it will never fall.
But you don't need to make a custom function for this, SourceMod already had one.
PHP Code:
public OnWeaponSwitchPost(clientweapon
    if (
SetClientGravity(client,gravity)//<----set gravity here
SetClientGravity(client,1.0)//<----set to default too

I think it's SetEntityGravity, not SetClientGravity

"m_flLaggedMovementValue" doesn't really change your speed, but just updates your character faster. It has a very annoying side effect: it makes you fall faster/slower but doesn't actually change your gravity (you'll still get the same amount of damage).

Shavit's timer uses DHooks to set a fixed speed.
Below is a code part that might work. Untested.

#include <dhooks>

DynamicHook gH_GetPlayerMaxSpeed = null;

public void OnPluginStart()
		if ((iOffset = GameConfGetOffset(hGameData, "CCSPlayer::GetPlayerMaxSpeed")) == -1)
			SetFailState("Couldn't get the offset for \"CCSPlayer::GetPlayerMaxSpeed\" - make sure your gamedata is updated!");

		gH_GetPlayerMaxSpeed = DHookCreate(iOffset, HookType_Entity, ReturnType_Float, ThisPointer_CBaseEntity, CCSPlayer__GetPlayerMaxSpeed);

public MRESReturn CCSPlayer__GetPlayerMaxSpeed(int pThis, DHookReturn hReturn)
	// Return MRES_Ignored if you don't want to override the speed.

	hReturn.Value = 250.0; // The speed you want to set

	return MRES_Override;

public void OnClientPutInServer(int client)
		if (gH_GetPlayerMaxSpeed)
			DHookEntity(gH_GetPlayerMaxSpeed, true, client);
Source: https://github.com/shavitush/bhoptim...shavit-misc.sp

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Old 06-23-2022 , 15:05   Re: [CS:GO] Altering weapon run speed values
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While I don't have a usecase for it ( I used to, then scrapped it )

I figured out a method to slightly or immensely increase your speed, but not to a target value, nor to a target player.

You could try to decrease the players speed.

It works by setting the next expiration of healthshot ( gives speed boost ) to 0.04 every frame, to ensure you don't get a blue screen.

It might show a side effect of a blue screen, but I cannot see it.

#include <sourcemod>

#define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0"
#pragma newdecls required

#pragma semicolon 1

public void OnGameFrame()
    for(int i=1;i <= MaxClients;i++)

        else if(!IsPlayerAlive(i))
        else if(IsFakeClient(i))

        // Setting the expiration to higher will cause blue screen.
        SetEntPropFloat(i, Prop_Send, "m_flHealthShotBoostExpirationTime", GetGameTime() + 0.04);
Using the cvar:

healthshot_healthboost_speed_multiplier 50

Will result in 357.29 units of speed according to cl_showpos 1 when running with a knife.
I am available to make plugins for pay.

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