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[NMRiH] Multilingual Objectives (1.0.4) [18-Mar-20]

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No More Room in Hell
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    Translate objective messages on a per-player basis
    Old 12-28-2019 , 08:28   [NMRiH] Multilingual Objectives (1.0.4) [18-Mar-20]
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    If this is your first time trying to install this I recommend you use Map Translator instead.
    It has support for more content and can auto-generate translations


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    Old 05-26-2020 , 05:03   Re: [NMRiH] Multilingual Objectives (v1.0.4, 18-Mar-2020)
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    After I installed the plug-in, I didn't find any translation as shown in the picture.

    Plugins don't automatically generate any map information files. How do I translate maps?

    [nmrih] multilingual objective beta 1.41 plug in can automatically generate map files.

    Can you give a detailed description of how this plug-in is used?
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    Old 07-21-2020 , 15:07   Re: [NMRiH] Multilingual Objectives (v1.0.4, 18-Mar-2020)
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    Thanks for the description. But do you think regular machine translation will be enough? When I was researching localization, I was convinced that it is best to use translation services for this, such as https://thewordpoint.com/services/tr...ption-services, to be 100% sure of the accuracy. I agree that for expressions like "Hello World" this is not required, but if we are talking about more serious things?

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    Old 08-26-2020 , 16:20   Re: [NMRiH] Multilingual Objectives (v1.0.4, 18-Mar-2020)
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    Hi. My friend (https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198045738866/) developed a small program for this plugin, which makes it much easier to translate tasks. I asked his permission to post this program because I think it might be useful to someone.

    Program: https://yadi.sk/d/vi6oFG6tN6gu-g
    Source code: https://yadi.sk/d/I10G2h7vhFvvUQ

    To translate tasks, you need to:

    1. Open the translation file multilingual-objectives.phrases.txt ( or another, depending on where the task translations are located )
    2. Open the nmo file of the map you want to translate
    3. Select the map and the task you want to translate in the program.
    4. Select a task this task and select the language to translate.
    5. Write a translation(using a translator or something else)

    This program makes it easier to interact with this plugin and may be useful to someone. You can also edit ready-made translations. The program will automatically make changes to the translation txt file(just don't forget to click save to do this)


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