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[TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9.4 (beta version 11/14/2013)

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Old 09-10-2019 , 12:18   Re: [TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9.4 (beta version 11/14/2013)
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I guess I will ask one last time. Does anyone care to take this over...it is much in need of some love
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Old 09-10-2019 , 13:35   Re: [TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9.4 (beta version 11/14/2013)
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I try to answer most questions that come up in this thread. The author of this thread (Mr. L/Lobnico) has also answered several questions in the Uber Upgrades Mod steam group.

The challenge for this plugin is the external dependencies that are needed before Uber Upgrades will work.

Some of the challenges:
1. Install TF2 Dedicated Server
2. Install Metamod:Source
3. Install Sourcemod
4. Install TF2Items
5. Install TF2Itemsinfo
6. Install TF2Attributes
7. Install Map Configs with prefix support
8. Change script execution timeout to 0 in: sourcemod/config/core.cfg
9. Ensure ALL of the above are completed and all plugins are working.
10. Read every message in this thread to ensure you have the right versions of above and you understand how to automatically load and unload plugins on map changes.

Once all of the above is done you can install and use Uber Upgrades.

Your experience with Uber Upgrades (UU) will vary depending on the server running it. Sadly, most UU servers run the same Orange map all day long which is not required to make UU work. My Server runs a few hundred maps with Bots who also get upgrades which makes it challenging. I think UU would work best on an MvM server but I ran into a weird issue where the server kicked players on map change.
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Old Yesterday , 05:15   Re: [TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9.4 (beta version 11/14/2013)
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Originally Posted by PC Gamer View Post
When new weapon classes are added into the game you have to manually add them into your Uber Upgrades configuration files.

For example, the Air Strike rocket launcher was introduced into the game. It has a weapon class of "tf_weapon_rocketlaucher_airstrike". That weapon class didn't exist in the \sourcemod\configs\uu_weapons.txt file. So... you have to add it and link it to a menu that appear in the list of menus (\sourcemod\configs\uu_lists.txt). We want to upgrade with the same menu options of any other rocket launcher so we'll use the existing menu for rocket launchers which is "expweap".

So... for the example to work you'd use a good notepad editor like Notepad++ to edit the file "\sourcemod\configs\uu_weapons.txt". Your edit will be to add this line:

"tf_weapons_rocketlauncher_airstrike" "expweap"

While you are at it, add this line for the Classic sniper rifle to allow sniper rifle menu upgrades:

"tf_weapon_sniperrifle_classic" "snipe"

Doing the above will allow your players to upgrade the Air Strike like any other rocket launcher and the Classic like any other sniper rifle.

That doesn't help you with the some of the Inferno weapons (Dragon's Fury, Hot Hand, Gas Passer). Those weapons don't really have an exact in game equivalent.

For the Hot Hand, you may want to treat it like any other Pyro melee weapon. If so, you could add the weapon class to your "uu_weapons.txt" file and link it to to the existing pyro melee weapons menu like this:

"tf_weapon_slap" "melpyr"

However, for the Dragon's Fury and Gas Passer you'll probably want to develop a new menu list by editing the "uu_lists.txt" file. This isn't easy, but can be done. Menu items in that list have to match existing attributes in the "uu_attributes.txt" file as well as the "\sourcemod\translations\tf2items_uu.phrases. txt" file. The "uu_attributes.txt" file is also where you can edit the cost of a specific upgrade.

Weapon classes for Inferno items are: tf_weapon_rocketlauncher_fireball, tf_weapon_rocketpack, tf_weapon_jar_gas, and tf_weapon_slap

You can visit my server (HappyLand Uber Upgrades and Bots) to get an idea on what attributes to use with inferno weapon upgrades.

I hope this helps.

Hey I've been watching this thread for a while now and a lot of help for sure, but I can not get any changes to work. I don't know if asking for a similar copy to yours would be possible but wondering whether a combination of things such as plugin (from the download or someones edited sp, to configs or tf2itemsinfo plugin.)

I've tried adding new weapons but that doesn't seem to work, using the air strike example, and also things like gunboats dont work either. Shotguns except for engineer dont work. And after switching to that class that uses a shotgun will use the previous classes secondary upgrades (and obviously not working.) Is there a copy of the plugin / configs can I test to see what my issue may be.
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