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[NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)

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No More Room in Hell
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    On a player's death, it gives him a credit to respawn with.
    Old 12-25-2012 , 12:52   [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)
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    [NMRiH] Everyone Respawns (v1.0.2, 12/08/13)

    Plugin Background:
    For those who have played No More Room In Hell, you know that when you die you do not respawn for some time. I was able to fix half of that problem at least. This plugin will not work on any objective maps, but it does allow for instant-like respawns on a survival map. It is rather simple really, when you die, if you do not have enough credits to respawn on your own, it gives you one, and thus, you respawn.

    Plugin Information:
    This plugin has no commands inside it. All it does is set the amount of tokens a player has when he dies. When I first created this plugin, it worked inside both Survival and Objective maps, however, with one of the many updates since then, it will not. I repeat, this plugin will not work on an objective map. I have tested it for a some time on my servers, and I have not had any issues with it. For those who say it works sometimes and others not, if you can recreate the scenario please let me know.

    *Special Note* You need to have the include provided to compile this plugin. The uploaded zip has everything you need in it! Thanks to Chanz for creating the include.
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