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[CSGO] Discord 10 Man Bot

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Old 10-03-2020 , 11:09   [CSGO] Discord 10 Man Bot
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Discord 10man Bot

Do you have a csgo server and want to organize PUGs with your friends in discord? This bot allows for a command driven or queue driven pick up game system. Essentially your own personal popflash, built right into your discord server.

Go to the Github Wiki for Setup and Usage Instructions

  • Command Based PUG
  • Queue Based PUG w/ Ready Up
  • Multiple Servers
  • Random Captains
  • Player Veto
  • Map Veto
  • Auto Voice Channel Creation for Teams
  • Channel Deletion After Game
  • Score Updates in Text Channel
  • Get5 Features
  • Match Statistics Collection ***COMING SOON***
  • Dathost ***COMING SOON***


User Commands
  • .pug: Starts a pug with the members of a voice channel. There must be 10 members in the voice channel and each member must have used the .link command.
  • .link <Steam Community URL or Steam ID>: Connects a users steam account to the bot. Must have done before running a .pug.
  • .connect: Shows the server connect message.
  • .matches: Shows the live matches and their scores.

Admin Commands
  • .setup_queue <True | False>: Enables or disables the queue.
  • .map_pool <list of map names>: Updates the map pool to the list of maps provided. **Untested.**
  • .RCON_message <message>: Sends the RCON command, `say <message` to the CSGO Server to test if RCON works.
  • .RCON_unban: Unbans all users from the server.
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Old 10-18-2020 , 08:30   Re: [CSGO] Discord 10 Man Bot
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Can you add so you can pre-setup a game before? so you can pick captains, since otherwise you can't setup premade games that want specific captains for each team so they can pick their actual teammates etc...!
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