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Steam ID and IP copy hack. Solution?

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Old 02-12-2019 , 00:05   Steam ID and IP copy hack. Solution?

First sorry for my English.
Our server are under attack. Someone can help me against these idiots with tips?
1-2 player can copy the admins steam id and ip adress.
He copyed the admins steam id from the connect announcer plugin chat advertises.
Can he do anything with the server because he get admin rights if that admin not presents on the server.
He can freezing the server anytime.
He log in to server and logout. Voila, server crashed.
Game CS:S

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Old 02-12-2019 , 00:18   Re: Steam ID and IP copy hack. Solution?

CIDR block ban.
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Old 02-12-2019 , 04:22   Re: Steam ID and IP copy hack. Solution?

We don’t support “no-steam” servers here, make your server Steam-only and you won’t have this problem.
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