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Module: GeoIP+ (v1.3)

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Old 03-10-2019 , 14:46   Re: Module: GeoIP+ (v1.3)
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Originally Posted by Andrey777 View Post
Можно ли изменить название стран на русский?

Russian is not global language -_- Learn this for the sake of god
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Old 03-12-2019 , 13:28   Re: Module: GeoIP Extented
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Originally Posted by AdoringFan View Post
How do I correctly install this? I also can't find geoip-files-1.3.zip in GitHub.
There is also no SMA file. This is for making your own GeoIP modules at this point from what I can see.
The new geoip files can be gotten monthly manually

or automatically.

This little gem might get you started in a working traffic identifier and small code you can build up using existing modules in the Amxx build like geoip_amxx_i386.so.
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RBE sLayeR
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