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[Help]KnockBack, PainShockFree,etc

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Old 11-06-2008 , 02:25   [Help]KnockBack, PainShockFree,etc
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What the meaning of knockback for a zombie?
Let's say If we got 2 zombies
A Zombie has a knockback for 1.5
B Zombie has a knockback for 0
Whats the different between them? anyone please explain
and Pain Shock Free for a zombie, what means? anyone~

Where should I put the plugin's cvars below? anyone~

* zp_stamina_duration <600> - How long you can run before getting tired
* zp_stamina_survivor <0/1> - If set, the Survivor has limited energy too

* zp_stamina_deplete <3> - How fast energy depletes when running
* zp_stamina_regain_walking <1> - How fast energy refills when walking
* zp_stamina_regain_standing <2> - How fast energy refills when standing still
Appreciate your help, thanks
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Old 11-06-2008 , 10:16   Re: [Help]KnockBack, PainShockFree,etc
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Knockback - push back. If you shoot at your enemy, the bullets will knock him back a bit.
Pain shock free is a thing that removes the slowdown after being hit. You must do this in order the knockback to work correctly.
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Old 11-06-2008 , 11:40   Re: [Help]KnockBack, PainShockFree,etc
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CVARs put into zombieplague.cfg.
It works on my server...
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