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illegal area detection

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Old 05-22-2006 , 23:52   illegal area detection
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For DoD:S, even some of the stock maps have holes in them that players can get into, such as the rooftop in kalt, or under the map on argentan. The right fix is to just fix the map, but when thats not possible, it would be cool if someone could make a plugin that reads some coordinates from a file, and if a player gets too close to one it warns them to not be there, and kicks if they dont move.
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Old 05-23-2006 , 01:35  
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hmmm a really fiddly way to do it would be to use stripper and add barrels or some other props to block players reaching those locations.

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Old 05-24-2006 , 00:49  
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I thought those end up being noclip, at least on the map I saw them used.
I'll try it anyway, if it does work, and I can make the model invisible somehow, then I think we'll have something really useful on our hands.
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BTW I figured this out finally. I tried using prop_physics_multiplayer, but I couldn't get the objects not to move. If I have them with motion disabled, you can walk through them. I tried spawning them so its halfway through the floor, but as soon as you shoot it, it just pops out, even if I had minhealthdmg set, doing any damage or even walking into it would make it pop out of the floor. So rather than waste even more hours trying to solve the puzzle of making prop_physics_multiplayer objects so they clip with players, AND so they will not move, I figured out I can use env_fire with a high damagescale that kills people who try to get to the roof on kalt, etc. It's so satisfying!

I'd still love a plugin that could log a players location, but I'd probably be the only one to use it.
Actually, is there a way to get a player's origin? If I type "status" while connected to a server it shows all zeros for the coordinates, it only works when playing a locally created game. I cant even find a mani command that works like admin_getuserorigin back in the adminmod days.
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