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Feature Request Simple Progressive Actions

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Old 08-20-2016 , 02:47   Simple Progressive Actions
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I've been playing around on quite a few servers and some of the highly populated ones see a lot of people breaking the rules and a lot of admins issuing the minimum action to that player despite repeated offenses.
My suggestion is to simplify the whole moderating process where an admin can merely execute the command and a progressive length is added for that player.

For example, "server" has 5 levels of commands for Micspam / HLDJ / SLAM offences.

1st offence is 30 minutes
2nd offence is 3 hours
3rd offence is 24 hours
4th offence is 1 week
5th offence is Permanent

So a player comes into the server, turns on HLDJ so he can destroy the souls of everyone playing there.

The admin does sm_mute player MicSpam or !mute player MicSpam and sourcebans sees that the player has never done this before, and gives them a 30 minute mute.

The player comes back after 3 mins, turns on HLDJ to share the word of his lord and saviour John Cena.

The admin does sm_mute player MicSpam or !mute player MicSpam and sourcebans sees that the player has been muted for this one time in the past and gives them a 3 hour mute.

Basically, sourcebans instantly progresses the action taken against the player so that the admin doesn't have to lookup past offences and modify the mute accordingly, which it seems doesn't frequently happen on most servers so it is the same people coming in spamming music over and over. Obviously, I have no idea how to develop plugins or I would do it myself, but it has been something on my mind for awhile and I figured I would share to see if anyone else agrees this would be a great feature.

What do you guys think? Is this even possible?

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Old 08-20-2016 , 18:27   Re: Simple Progressive Actions
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Cool idea... Alternative I use /warn method, after 3rd warning he will get a ban.
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Old 08-20-2016 , 18:52   Re: Simple Progressive Actions
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Originally Posted by HSHoffmann View Post
What do you guys think? Is this even possible?
Certain parts of it are definitely good, and would also help preventing admins from just selecting a "too long" (or "too short") ban. It has been seen before with servers holding immature admins, that they are simply selecting Permanent, or longest possible, if it is someone that they somehow "hate".

If it should be integrated within SourceBans, I would say the best way to do it would be by rewriting SourceBans to have some kind of "dynamic" reason system, so you can add new reasons via the web panel.

And then within the specific reason, you can adjust and add multiple (and unlimited amount of) offences, so one offence may have just 3 levels, and another one could have 10, depending on how "serious" the specific offence is. To provide a more detailed example, it could be like:

Mic Spam:

1. 30 mins
2. 3 hours
3. 24 hours
4. 1 week
5. Permanent


1. Permanent

Spraying Nudes:
1. 1 hour
2. Permanent

All which should be adjustable from within the SourceBans panel, both reason phrases and everything.

When an admin bans a player, (s)he will just select "Mic Spam" or "Spraying Nudes"; (s)he won't be presented for the amount of time that the ban should be, as that is handled automatically (and configured by the server/community "owner").

It is technically possible, but it will definitely require some time to do it.
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