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L4D2 Extra Player Models

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Old 05-05-2011 , 11:52   Re: L4D2 Extra Player Models
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L4D2 Error
I found the problem of missing files.
The following files multiple files error.
Link download old The post. Can not be downloaded.
I want the file to solve these problems.
please! upload for me

list error of L4D2
1/ - player: UTIL_SetModel: not precached: models/survivors/survivor_XXXXXX.mdl

PrecacheModel("models/survivors/survivor_biker.mdl", true);
PrecacheModel("models/survivors/survivor_namvet.mdl", true);
PrecacheModel("models/survivors/survivor_teenangst.mdl", true);
PrecacheModel("models/survivors/survivor_manager.mdl", true);
PrecacheModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_biker_new.mdl", true);
PrecacheModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_namvet_new.mdl", true);
PrecacheModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_teenangst_new.mdl", true);
PrecacheModel("models/weapons/arms/v_arms_manager_new.mdl", true);
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Old 02-09-2013 , 19:01   Re: L4D2 Extra Player Models
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I'm using superversus, l4dtoolz, and the CSM plugin. Is there a way I can get server-side replacements to add in Keith, etc?

Trying to do this without having all the players have to download files.
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