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!! (REQ) HL2DM 1vs1 PLUGIN

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jones ray
Join Date: Aug 2007
Old 08-30-2007 , 06:28   !! (REQ) HL2DM 1vs1 PLUGIN
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I have a event script for a 1vs1 mode,

The script changes all server cvars on load,

such as mp_teamplay, sv_timelimit, mp_forcerespawn etc

Any new players joining are automatically sent to spectator and cannt join the game untill the 2 players fighting have reached the kill count (i have set this to 21) once a player reaches the limit of 21 kills a victory sound plays and the other player is sent to spectator!

then either a player is picked by random to fight after so many seconds or any other player in spectate can type !fight to join in. after the new player joins, mp_restartgame 5 runs and the kill count is reset!

Would it be possible to get this to run as a plugin, as i have no clue how to make such a thing in this Mod yet.

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