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Hosties Voice issue

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Old 05-29-2016 , 04:59   Hosties Voice issue
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When a round starts, all Ts are muted for that x amount of seconds which is normal but if i swap someone from T to CT, they still are muted.

Also if theres a active round going on and someone joins the server, they can speak with the living.

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Old 05-30-2016 , 17:20   Re: Hosties Voice issue
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Hi Chevalier,

For your first issue, what plugin or method are you using to swap the players? Are you swapping them while they're alive?

For your second issue, what does a player do after they join the server to trigger this issue? Do they have to join spec,T,CT teams? Is the player joining a server/team within the first 30.0 seconds of the round or as defined by sm_hosties_roundstart_mute convar?
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