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Setting player velocity?

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Old 01-10-2014 , 17:20   Re: Setting player velocity?
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Originally Posted by xf117 View Post
Because there is no float m_vecVelocity[0] prop. There is only vector m_vecVelocity prop which can be set by
PHP Code:
decl Float:vecCurrentVel[3];
vecCurrentVel[0] = 9001.0;
Untested, only based on your data.
I will try this.

The dump of netprops has them listed as floats [0], [1] and [2]. This is why I am a little confused, since Basevelocity is listed as a single vector.
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Old 01-12-2014 , 05:41   Re: Setting player velocity?
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It seems that doing:
SetEntPropVector(client, Prop_Data, "m_vecVelocity", vecNewVelocity);
Does not work. It seems like the value is enforced per frame, by the server. I get a rubber band effect. Even trying to set the player's velocity to zero, doesn't work for me.

Looks like I have finally got things working as I want, but I cannot stop the players movement. Here is the code I have to stop the player:

PHP Code:
    //reset player velocity
decl Float:fVelocity_Current[3];
decl Float:fVelocity[3];
fVelocity[0] = (fVelocity_Current[0] * -1);
fVelocity[1] = (fVelocity_Current[1] * -1);
fVelocity[2] = (fVelocity_Current[2] * -1);
Presuming that m_vecBaseVelocity adds to m_vecVelocity, I am taking the current velocity and inverting it, so that the value added results in a 0.
Sadly, I cannot see any effect in testing.
I am doing this with a 1 second timer, that runs after the player's velocity is modified.

Hopefully when all this is solved, someone else out there will Google this and make use of it too.


I was rather tired, so missed an obvious solution... use that teleport function:
PHP Code:
    new Float:fVelocity[3] = {0.00.0, -9001.0};
In order to prevent players dying from fall damage, I am granting a tiny bit of uber on them.

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