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Cooldown for commands?

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Old 01-11-2014 , 19:09   Re: Cooldown for commands?
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Originally Posted by Mitchell View Post
Originally Posted by TnTSCS View Post
if you don't use a timer, then you need to assign variable[client] the current time when they use a trigger, then don't allow it until currenttime-variable[client](currenttime) is >= n time units.

improper functions, for example only...
PHP Code:
new LastUsed[MAXPLAYERS+1];
LastUsed[client] = 0;
currentTime GetTime();
    if (
currentTime LastUsed[client] < 15) return Plugin_Handled// 15 seconds hasn't passed yet, don't allow

LastUsed[client] = GetTime();
// Rest of command code here

Why'd you assign a variable, and not assign the LasUsed variable the local variable you created?
LastUsed[client] = GetTime(); -> LastUsed[client] = currentTime;
Fairly new to sourcepawn scripting so if I'm wrong please don't rip on me ;) haha.

Pasted the code into notepad++ to take a better look regarding what you meant. I'm assuming you asked why he created a new variable "currentTime" instead of using the variable he already made "LastUsed" as they both get the current time.

Took me a little thinking to realise, if he didn't make the new variable "currentTime" then the check wouldn't work as although "LastUsed" is set to the current time as well, it is set after the if statement that checks the time limit meaning at that if statement, "currentTime" and "LastUsed" wouldn't hold the same value.

Forgive me if I'm chatting complete nonsense haha, I just wanted to see if my thoughts were indeed correct or I'm not understanding it completely haha.
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