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[RELEASE|SOURCE] BasicPawn - SourcePawn Editor

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Old 10-15-2016 , 07:17   [RELEASE|SOURCE] BasicPawn - SourcePawn Editor
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BasicPawn - SourcePawn Editor

BasicPawn is a very lightweight and basic SourcePawn Editor that uses dynamic Autocompletion and IntelliSense like any other IDE or Advanced Editor.
It supports SourcePawn, Transitional SourcePawn and even AMX Mod X. BasicPawn also has some special features like the simple debugger to debug your plugins and the plugin system to create your own BasicPawn plugins.


BasicPawn requires at least .NET Framework 3.5 to run.
Download .NET Framework 3.5 (Windows)
Use PlayOnLinux for beginners (recommended)
Download and Install .NET Framework 3.5 (Wine)
Download and Install .NET Framework (Wine)


  • Lightweight & Portable
    BasicPawn is a very lightweight editor with a size of a few megabytes.
    All settings are saved in its working directory so you can bring BasicPawn aynwhere!

  • Autocomplete & IntelliSense
    Like most IDE's and editors, BasicPawn supports autocompletion and IntelliSense too.
    (Including methodmap, enum struct and variable autocompletion support)

  • Plugins
    Missing a feature? Write your own plugins using .NET Framework to add more functionality to BasicPawn.
    Available official plugins:
    FTP Uploader
    Automatic Error Reporting
    Translation Editor
    Lysis Decompiler

  • Debugger
    (Possible design changes)
    To make sure your code is running as it should be, you can use the BasicPawn debugger to debug your code.
    Use breakpoints, watch values, set values, caught exceptions and more.

  • Configs
    Create your own configs for every situation.
    Set different compilers, input and output folders, build events and more.

  • Styles
    Customize BasicPawn's Editor syntax styles using the XSHD file format.
    You can find official syntax styles here.

  • Autocompletion/IntelliSense doenst work! What can i do?
    In order to use the Autocompletion and IntelliSense feature make sure you saved your source to disk and check if all config entries are valid. (e.g. valid include directory)
    Then set the config you want as active. Press F5 to update manualy.

  • Does BasicPawn support AMX Mod X?
    Yes, but not all original Pawn features are supported.

  • Does BasicPawn support Pawn?
    Yes but its very limited. You may want to use some other Pawn editor for it.

  • Does the BasicPawn Debugger work with AMX Mod X/Pawn?
    No, only SourceMod is currently supported.

  • I want to use BasicPawn on Linux how do i install it?
    Because BasicPawn is build for Windows you have to use Wine to use BasicPawn on Linux.
    You may also have to Download the Windows version of SourceMod since the compiler needs to be Win32 too if you want to compile your sources.
    The easiest method to install wine and configure everything is using PlayOnLinux. Because it has a nice GUI.
    First install 'wine-stable' and 'wine-stable-amd64' (If you are running 64 Bit) from the buildin 'Software Manager' to download all dependencies automatically. Because PlayOnLinux wont download Wine dependencies.
    Next install 'PlayOnLinux' the same way then go 'Tools > Manage Wine versions' and install a Wine x86 version (3.0 recommended). If the installation crashes choose a older Wine version.
    In the main window go 'Configure' and create a new configuration. Choose x86 application and select the Wine version we installed previously.
    Once done, go 'Install components' and install 'dotnet35' to install .NET Framework 3.5 which will take a while but its mostly automated.
    Done. You can do some fine tuning.
    (Tested on Linux Ubuntu x86 and Linux Mint x64)

  • Can i use BasicPawn with Mono?
    No, Mono is not supported. BasicPawn can could run with Mono but not for long until it crashes. It makes use of the Windows API and will be unstable if it can't access it.

  • Is 'https://getbasicpawn.spdns.org/' your website?

More comming soon


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Latest Release

Sorry for the broken english, english isn't my native language. Grammar correction suggestions are appreciated. Thanks .

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