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English to Russian and Romanian

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Old 05-28-2020 , 14:39   English to Russian and Romanian
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DP_CONNECTED = VIP player !g%s!n connected to the server.
DR_RESPAWN = VIP Respawn: [ %d ]
DP_HAVE_GRAV = You already have reduced gravity.
DR_SET_GRAV = Now you have reduced gravity for a short period of time.
DR_SET_MJ = Now you can jump multiple times in the air.
DP_STOP_GRAV = Gravity has been set back to the value you had before.
DP_USED_GRAV = You have already used reduced gravity in this round.
DP_STOP_MJ = Multijump has been set disabled.
DP_USED_MJ = You have already used multijump in this round.
DP_LIFE_MAX = You already got free lifes on this map.
DP_GOT_LIFES = You got !g+%d!n lifes.
DP_REVIVE_MIN = At least !g%d!n alive players that are not !gVIP 3!n must be alive to revive yourself.
DR_REVIVE_FR = You can't revive yourself when free run is active.
DR_REVIVE_ROUND = Wait for the round to start first.
DR_REVIVE_USED = You have already used life in this round.
DR_REVIVE_NO = You don't have any lifes to use for revive.
DR_REVIVED = VIP !g%s!n just used his bonus life to revive.
DR_REVIVE_TIME = You can revive only in the first !g%d!n seconds of round start.
DP_LIFES = Your life count: !g%d
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Old 12-28-2020 , 00:01   Re: English to Russian and Romanian
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DP_CONNECTED = Playerul VIP !g%s!n s-a conectat pe server
DR_RESPAWN = VIP Respawn: [ %d ]
DP_HAVE_GRAV = Ti-ai redus deja gravitatia.
DR_SET_GRAV = Ti-ai redus gravitatia pentru o perioada scurta de timp.
DR_SET_MJ = Poti sari de mai multe ori.
DP_STOP_GRAV = Gravitatia ti-a fost setata la valoarea de dinainte.
DP_USED_GRAV = Ti-ai modificat deja gravitatia in aceasta runda.
DP_STOP_MJ = Multijump a fost dezactivat.
DP_USED_MJ = Ai folosit deja multijump in aceasta runda.
DP_LIFE_MAX = Ai luat deja vieti gratis in aceasta runda.
DP_GOT_LIFES = Ai luat !g+%d!n vieti.
DP_REVIVE_MIN = Cel putin !g%d!n playeri ce nu sunt !gVIP 3!n trebuie sa fie in viata pentru a te putea reinvia.
DR_REVIVE_FR = Nu te poti reinvia cand freerun este activ.
DR_REVIVE_ROUND = Asteapta runda sa inceapa.
DR_REVIVE_USED = Ai folosit deja viata gratis in aceasta runda.
DR_REVIVE_NO = Nu ai nici o viata gratis ramasa pentru a te reinvia.
DR_REVIVED = VIP !g%s!n si-a folosit viata bonus pentru a se reinvia.
DR_REVIVE_TIME = Te poti reinvia doar in primele !g%d!n secunde ale inceputului de runda.
DP_LIFES = Numarul tau de vieti: !g%d
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