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Demo viewer but you can control all the players inside of it.

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Old 02-05-2021 , 04:39   Demo viewer but you can control all the players inside of it.
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I watch "Training Days" on ESL Counter-Strike youtube channel. And then I wondering and inspired if could be possible on demo viewer to control the players to practice and you can practice with them instead of alone. You can learn from the mistakes and you can control the player to propose the idea to encounter it. You can control and become the other player and learn how should they execute or hold angles. You will improve your skills faster when you are controlling it instead of just watching the demo. It will a game changing.

Some of my idea how will work on suggested demo viewer (add some suggestions if I missing something):

All the players inside the demo viewer will convert to bots. all their movements, aim, lineups, and other variables from the real player are will the same to the bots.essay writer

the bots will change their behavior (temporarily or depends) when they see you early or lately.

they will become normal bots when they reached the certain situations(e.g. bots reach beyond the timer, prevent the dying, etc.)

weapon accuracies are not random unless the bots change the behavior, or you are controlling it, etc.

Tick rate cannot be change or it will affect the demo viewer such as grenade lineups, bhop, etc.

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Old 02-05-2021 , 10:14   Re: Demo viewer but you can control all the players inside of it.
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I don't see how AMXX would access a demo file, yet modify if. That's not possible. The demo viewer is barely usable in its original state.

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