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[L4D1 & L4D2] Hostname - Display Map Name [v1.0.1 | 20-November-2019]

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Left 4 Dead
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    Displays the specified map name in the hostname.
    Old 10-07-2019 , 22:07   [L4D1 & L4D2] Hostname - Display Map Name [v1.0.1 | 20-November-2019]
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    I made this plugin because I usually access my favorite [L4D]/[L4D2] servers through the "openserverbrowser" console command and,
    despite knowing the dev name of the vanilla campaigns (c*m*), some customs maps don't follow this name pattern for its chapters,
    Also, the chapter name doesn't appear through the Steam Group servers list, or through the Friend List, only the map name is displayed,
    Making it difficult to identify which chapter the map is currently running.


    This plugin will add the map name to the hostname, based on a KeyValue file located at data folder.
    It was made mainly for [L4D]/[L4D2] game because the campaign (map-chapter) style, but should also work with other games.


    My hostname is "Mart Server" and I'm currently playing in the "c1m1" map.
    The name "Dead Center [1-5]" was added for the "c1m1" map at the KeyValue file.
    And the hostname format is set to {hostname} | {mapname}.
    When the plugin runs, it will turn my hostname into "Mart Server | Dead Center [1-5]"


    A configuration file named "hostname_mapdisplay.cfg" will automatically be created for you upon the first run in the "\cfg\sourcemod\" folder.

    PHP Code:
    // Enables/Disables the plugin. 0 = Plugin OFF, 1 = Plugin ON.
    // -
    // Default: "1"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    // Maximum: "1.000000"
    hostname_mapdisplay_enabled "1"

    // Display format.
    // Available tags: {hostname},{mapname},{gamemode},{GAMEMODE}
    // Note: If the "format" attribute is set in the KeyValue file located at data folder, this cvar will be ignored.
    // -
    // Default: "{hostname} | {GAMEMODE} | {mapname}"
    hostname_mapdisplay_format "{hostname} | {GAMEMODE} | {mapname}"

    // Hostname used by the {hostname} tag.
    // Note: If the "hostname" attribute is set in the KeyValue file located at data folder, this cvar will be ignored.
    // -
    // Default: "<your hostname>."
    hostname_mapdisplay_hostname "<your hostname>"

    // Enables/Disables the plugin when the map is not found in the KeyValue file located at data folder. 0 = OFF, 1 = ON (shows the map dev name).
    // -
    // Default: "0"
    // Minimum: "0.000000"
    // Maximum: "1.000000"
    hostname_mapdisplay_mapnotfound "0" 
    Admin Commands

    PHP Code:
    sm_hostname_mapdisplay_reload  // Reloads the hostname based on a KeyValue file located at data folder. (needs "z" flag).
    sm_hostname_mapdisplay_print_cvars // Prints the plugin related cvars and their respective values to the console. (needs "z" flag). 
    Change Log


    • This plugin isn't compatible with other plugins that also changes the hostname.
    • On the first run, the hostname_mapdisplay_hostname cvar will be filled with your current hostname.
    • If your hostname is large, the map name may truncate.
    • Seems that unicode characters don't load properly from ".cfg" files so if you want to have unicode characters in the hostname (e.g.: Simplified Chinese), use the configs in the KeyValue file located at data folder as a workaround instead of the ".cfg" file generated with the cvars of the plugin.
    • If any config from the "Host" section in the KeyValue file is set, the related cvar value will be ignored.

    To Do
    • Add a translation file.
    • Add more tags (player count/timeleft?).
    • Add support to customize gamemode tags. (e.g. Versus => Vs)

    Thank you!

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    Post Reply
    • Any feedbacks, bug reports, fixes, improvements, translations or suggestions for the plugin are welcome.

    • Put the "hostname_mapdisplay.txt" file in your "\addons\sourcemod\data\" folder. [Note: this file is currently based on some L4D2 maps]
    • Put the "hostname_mapdisplay.smx" file (click Get Plugin) in your "\addons\sourcemod\plugins\" folder.
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    File Type: txt hostname_mapdisplay.txt (17.3 KB, 420 views)

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    Old 11-15-2019 , 16:13   Re: [ANY] Hostname - Display Map Name
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    if set to Simplified Chinese, it will not be displayed. can fix??
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    Old 11-20-2019 , 20:44   Re: [ANY] Hostname - Display Map Name [v1.0.1 | 20-November-2019]
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    Thanks for the report viaxiamu,

    It seems that when a plugin try to read a Unicode character from the .cfg file, the cvar fails to read.
    I simulate that changing the "hostname" in the server .cfg and in my case it still didn't work.

    So I added a new config in the KeyValue (.txt) file where you can set the hostname. It shall work now.
    If you have any questions, PM me.

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    Old 05-04-2020 , 07:14   Re: [ANY] Hostname - Display Map Name [v1.0.1 | 20-November-2019]
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    This plugin does not work for CSGO right out of the box, small changes are required. Just wondering if you could update the plugin to skip game mode if it does not exist or use a manual mapping for CSGO?
    Aim_MAP = Aim
    MG_MAP = Multi Game

    Thank you.
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    Old 05-05-2020 , 18:28   Re: [ANY] Hostname - Display Map Name [v1.0.1 | 20-November-2019]
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    Here's a L4D1 mapdisplay.txt save you a few hours work ... has a lot of maps - most popular ones....
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    File Type: txt hostname_mapdisplay.txt (12.0 KB, 173 views)
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