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[Solved] L4D2 plugin dev needed

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Old 09-14-2018 , 10:07   [Solved] L4D2 plugin dev needed
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I need a l4d2 plugin dev to fix up/change some things on my server, I am paying 50 euros for this job. Add me on steam if interested. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198016995797/

1. Certain info in the TankHUD needs changing
2. Forcing tank spawn by admin displays an SM message to all players despite having sm_show_activity set to 0 (tankifier plugin)
3. Need an SI ladder to be added on No Mercy finale because tankifier tank is stuck on roof
4. When tank dies, the death animation is missing something like 50% of the time

Alternatively, setting up a public T1 server from scratch. I understand the features required are free and publicly available in the l4d2 competitive framework, I just don't know how to put them together myself. I have a linux based server provider.

What do I mean by/what do I want in a public T1 server? The basic competitive features that are found on Error servers, for example.

Tank spawn on every map with percentage tracking, T1 weapons only, vanilla items removal, etc. along with some specific requests

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Old 09-14-2018 , 10:25   Re: [Paid request] L4D2 plugin dev needed
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it's a good idea to say what needs doing here on the forum, then people wont waste their time adding you then getting details to decide weather they want to do it.
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