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[CSGO] Trigger Push too strong randomly

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Old 09-12-2018 , 19:43   [CSGO] Trigger Push too strong randomly
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Hello everyone. After some time struggling with an issue related to trigger_push in zombie escape maps like ze_nuke_px, ze_mirrors_edge_reborn and etc... I decided to ask for help.

Basically sometimes trigger_push is so strong. To the point that sometimes it looks like if the player was teleported. It's random. Most of the time it works normally. Also doesn't matter the amout of players in the server.

The interesting fact is that these maps work normally when I run a server in my own game client. The trigger is also much smoother. So I decided to remove Metamod/ Sourcemod and revert all settings to default but the problem persists.

I run these cvars in my server that are related to movement:

sv_clamp_unsafe_velocities 0 (1 makes most of trigger_push stop working)
sv_maxspeed 500 (not sure if this restriction is applied when a player is off ground)

Server is running at default 64 tick on Windows
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Old 09-12-2018 , 20:17   Re: [CSGO] Trigger Push too strong randomly
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I know that csgo didn't predict client side velocity in phys_push triggers (a while ago at least).
Something like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qBcYXMV9p4

They have a few phys push fixes for csgo plugins like this one:
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Old 09-13-2018 , 01:46   Re: [CSGO] Trigger Push too strong randomly
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Ah, what you're describing is a "superboost". Sometimes it's easier to abuse these triggers by spamming crouch, or jumping on them. I've done some logging in the past, the game basically sees the player touching the push trigger, leave it, then touch it again, essentially activating it on the client twice, instead of just once. Sometimes it can happen more than twice, depending on the situation and trigger, some are easier to abuse.

Can't say I've really done anything with this information, just wanted to explain it, and possibly someone might have a solution for this.

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