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Scoreboard and score management (CSGO)

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Old 11-10-2018 , 07:53   Scoreboard and score management (CSGO)
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I'm working on a custom csgo gamemode in which I need to terminate the round in certain cases. This works fine with CS_TerminateRound(), however, the score is not being updated, so in order to do that I need to call CS_SetTeamScore() to manually handle the scores. This messes up the scoreboard though, since it also occurs that the round finishes normally (by eliminating an entire team for example).

Is there a way to manage the scoreboard and the team scores and keeping everything clean looking in the 'tab' display (the bar that tells you what happened which round and who won)?

Any help is greatly appreciated, and if anything is not clear or you need more information, please ask!
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Old 11-12-2018 , 07:48   Re: Scoreboard and score management (CSGO)
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I have aquired more information, but am still unsure on how to use it:
Apparently there is a 'gamerules' entity in csgo that has a few properties pertaining to the status of the match.
One of these properties is called 'm_iMatchStats_RoundResults', with a type of 'DataTable'. I assumed that this variable has something to do with the results of round and therefore with the display of the information on the 'tab' display or scoreboard.
The problem now, is that I do not know how to handle this information and how to mutate it. I can't find anything online regarding a 'DataTable' and how to work with it.
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