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plugin porting

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Old 01-12-2008 , 09:12   Re: plugin porting

Originally Posted by tron420 View Post
But im pretty sure you all knew that anyway, thats why you all want it "posted here"..
What happened to the amxmodx community of old... to be honest this community has been getting pretty pathetic over the last cpl yrs..

If you exept Help Post the code to public if you dont want help you know what do to GTFO OF THE FORUM NON-steam count

And calling the forum pathetic you are Sir be gone.

Fixed the problem lock teh thread please

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Old 01-12-2008 , 10:30   Re: plugin porting

your a real asshole.. you PMed me twice saying "ill help you, send the code" but then post that BS here? I knew you were full of shit though.. Its all good though, im sure you dont know shit about coding anyway lol.

so fuck you bitch..noob ass kid .wannabe "coder" lol .. GFY bitch. fuck all yall gay ass mofos, lol... this fucking community is full of punk ass wannabe kids that know nothing . All the "real" mofos have long since left because of all the gayness here..

lock it now bitch's
i love low karma.

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Old 01-12-2008 , 17:04   Re: plugin porting

Woah...What the hell happened here?

First off...tron420, if you are requesting a private plugin port, its normally easier to say straight off in the initial post that you are wishing for a private plugin port from amx to amxx. Most times after that people wont question what is going on. I think you'll find that this community is very welcoming, no matter what the circumstances.

Second off, your attitude towards other users in this forum isnt going to get you anywhere, especially when you are making a request. 9 times out of 10 someone will take the time and port something for you, even if it is on the lines of distaste.

Third, Are you really thinking that you will end up getting support from people by posting a troll spray image? I cant believe I'm saying this, but you ended up trolling yourself in your own thread. I don't know whether to give you a medal for your achievement or call a doctor and have you committed for mental retardation on the highest scale.

Thread closed.
Originally Posted by Brad View Post
That sounds like a really good idea!
Now replace the word "good" with "dumb".
What was your rationale for proposing such a thing?
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