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Extended Arm Weapon Skin 2.0 [CS/CZ]

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Old 08-01-2022 , 08:25   Extended Arm Weapon Skin 2.0 [CS/CZ]
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Detect which class is chosen, be it Arctic, Leet, GIGN, Urban, etc, including VIP.
And associate it with the corresponding arms like CSGO does.

Video Preview

  • AmxModX 1.8.3 minimum
  • The SetViewEntityBody2 from the post
  • Models - Preview here

  1. Download the required files:[CS Models][CZ Models]
  2. Compile plugins locally.
  3. Put the models in: "models/extended/"
    Ex: models/extended/v_ak47.mdl
  4. Put in plugin.ini:
    [CZ] (Optional) CZ_Bot_Skin_on_Expert.amxx

Future things:
- Cvar command to disable it on the client side.

- Functions to be associated with cl_minmodels

If set to 1, use the values cl_min_ct */cl_min_t * as input

  • * 2.0 - 8/22/22
    - Support for shields.
    - Admin support added.
  • * 1.1 - 8/7/22
    - Compatibility for CZ Militia/Spetsnaz.
  • * 1.0 - 8/1/22
    - First release. Waiting for feedback.

  • eaws_admin_flag <#> // Which admin flag is needed, for admin arms.
    Default: ""
  • eaws_admin_skin <#> // Which arms should be applied to admin.
    Default: 8 (VIP)
  • eaws_default_skin <#> // Which arms should be seen when using a custom player model.
    Default: 3 (Guerilla, bare hands) looks the most like standard model.

  • The bots supported, and seen from spectator mode.
  • Compatible VIP, in case you use VIP Objective Balance.
  • Shield support can be disabled by changing the code:
    #define SHIELD_SUPPORT -> //#define SHIELD_SUPPORT

Any contribution of code or ideas that you want to contribute, is welcome.

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