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how to use MF_CopyAmxMemory?

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Old 09-27-2020 , 09:39   how to use MF_CopyAmxMemory?
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i want to make a native like this
native get_move_path(Float:origin1[3], Float:origin2[3], Float:originArray[][3], &size)

public test(id, target)
    new Float:origin1[3], Float:origin2[3], originArray[32][3], size
    pev(id, pev_origin, origin1)
    pev(target, pev_origin, origin2)
	get_move_path(origin1, origin2, originArray, size)

    for(new i = 0; i < size; i++)
        server_print("%.2f %.2f %.2f", originArray[i][0], originArray[i][1], originArray[i][2])
static cell AMX_NATIVE_CALL get_move_path(AMX *amx, cell *params)
	cell *vAmx1 = MF_GetAmxAddr(amx, params[1]);
	cell *vAmx2 = MF_GetAmxAddr(amx, params[2]);

	REAL fX = amx_ctof(vAmx1[0]);
	REAL fY = amx_ctof(vAmx1[1]);
	REAL fZ = amx_ctof(vAmx1[2]);
	Vector origin1 = Vector(fX, fY, fZ);

	fX = amx_ctof(vAmx2[0]);
	fY = amx_ctof(vAmx2[1]);
	fZ = amx_ctof(vAmx2[2]);
	Vector origin2 = Vector(fX, fY, fZ);

	cell *array = MF_GetAmxAddr(amx, params[3]);
	cell *array_size = MF_GetAmxAddr(amx, params[4]);
	*array_size = size;

    i want to copy some vector array to params[3]
    something like this, i dont know how to make it right.
    vecArray[0][0] = 1.0f;
    vecArray[0][1] = 1.0f;
    vecArray[0][2] = 1.0f;
    vecArray[1][0] = 1.0f;
    vecArray[1][1] = 1.0f;
    vecArray[1][2] = 1.0f;

    vecArray[2][0] = 1.0f;
    vecArray[2][1] = 1.0f;
    vecArray[2][2] = 1.0f;

	MF_CopyAmxMemory(array, vecArray, size);
	return 1;
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