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[CSGO/ANY?] ForceRate

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Old 10-09-2016 , 14:21   Re: [CSGO/ANY?] ForceRate
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just tried a compiled version on l4d2 and it dosen't work.
max rate on client is still 30000, hardcoded max value too. used net_forcerate 2147483647

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Old 08-18-2017 , 17:51   Re: [CSGO/ANY?] ForceRate
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Originally Posted by Peace-Maker View Post
Here's this MM:S plugin as a sourcemod plugin.
Thanks to Drifter's example for getting an engine interface.

This adds the same convar "net_forcerate" which defaults to "0" - disabled.

Edit: Added a check to verify the CNetChan::m_Rate offset is correct before trying to change it.
[net_forcerate.smx] Rate offset might be wrong. Actual rate: 450000, Rate at offset: 779679272
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