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[CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing

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Old 07-18-2016 , 20:39   [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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Hi guys, I've been working on a server plugin lately, called Democloud build upon Metamod:Source.

The purpose of this plugin is to automatically backup and if wanted to share your recorded GOTV demos, without the hassle of going on ftp and such. It's only for CS:GO servers at the moment. (Feel free to try it on other games)

It also contains a replacement for the standard tv_autorecord that properly starts and stops records.

I've set up a small example server which runs the Retake mod (Europe server)
The page that contains the demos that are backed up by the plugin

Link of the website and binaries:
You will need an account on the website for managing your demos.

Many thanks to Psychonic and Asherkin for helping me figuring out things on IRC.

Do know since it's all new and fresh you may come across some small bugs.

And for the people who are planning to use this, your comments, input and remarks are more than welcome.

Waggel (7zp)
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Old 07-20-2016 , 11:44   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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Old 07-20-2016 , 14:40   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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What is the license?
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Old 07-20-2016 , 18:43   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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Who know's what you can stick in there when it's not open source.
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Old 07-20-2016 , 21:39   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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Originally Posted by MFS View Post
What is the license?
Closed source, but as compensation I'm working on an API.

Originally Posted by thomasjosif View Post
Who know's what you can stick in there when it's not open source.
A lot... But for me personally I don't have any reason or intention to do so.

And opensource doesn't guarantee more security as proven by;
-Shellshock, a severe bug that existed since 1989 and was publicly unnoticed until 2014.
-Heartbleed a breach in OpenSSL that was in the code since 2011, unnoticed until 2014
-Quite recently PHP, Go and Python had the exact same vulnerability in the http_proxy protocol which could have lead to man in the middle attacks. A bug that was found in Perl already back in 2001, which also existed in nginx, ruby and curllib.
-Stagefright, an exploit in Android 2.2 released in 2011 that was discovered last year.

All this is opensource code that is massively being used has been created, reviewed and adapted by thousands and thousands of people.

And if I were to put source code online. 99% Of the users wouldn't look at it, 0.9% would only use it as some example without critically thinking about it and than you need the <0.01% guy that actually tests and analyze the in my case, over 1500 lines of code.

But I do get your concern.

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Old 07-20-2016 , 22:00   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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Closed source binaries aren't any more secure then open source binaries are.

Originally Posted by Steam chat with git user bartico6
WildCard65 the Joker Card: In your opinion
WildCard65 the Joker Card: do you think closed source binaries are more secure then open source
WildCard65 the Joker Card: in my opinion, that's not true
quake: no
quake: with enough effort they can be decompiled and audited too
quake: and then, the amount of people knowing about the vulnerability is a lot smaller
quake: yes, less people will abuse it, but the abuse will go on for much longer
quake: with opensource, someone will find it and use it, sure, they'll even make it public, (or not, someone will find it too at some point), and it will be eventually fixed
quake: people are willing to contribute to something they use, and they want to be secure
WildCard65 the Joker Card: but with closed source, it's a lot harder to trace where it's happening in the code
quake: thinking closed source is safer than open source is just absurd
quake: and we're skipping backdoors/malicious code
quake: because that's a WHOLE different story
quake: of trust and shit
WildCard65 the Joker Card: tell me about it...

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Old 07-20-2016 , 22:37   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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edit: this was @WildCard65
I did not claim that statement. Was just pointing out that opensource isn't any guarantee on security itself, I'm aware of all those points by quake.

I just want to keep my project, code, general workings between my back-end and the plugin private for myself, for now.

I would have no problem with someone I trust from here to audit and validate my code, just not the public.

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Old 07-21-2016 , 00:27   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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While I agree with your points Wildcard and Quake (and I know someone on steam who reverse engineers TF2's code and reports security flaws and bugs to Valve), it's sort of pointless to berate the OP about releasing a closed source project. He could have just not released it (which is questionable if that is better or worse).

The best you can do is just not use it and encourage others to not use it, and let the reverse engineers rip it apart themselves. Other than that, just leave it alone.

Although quake is in fact right... for a plugin that does something trivial like this, it is interesting why you feel you should keep the code a secret, when bigger projects like reddit.com have their code freely posted on github.

To each their own. Use it or don't use it, but no point making a huge fuss about it. Open source will eventually prevail over closed source solutions.


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Old 04-27-2017 , 16:44   Re: [CS:GO] Democloud - Demo backup and sharing
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Is it so hard to attach files on this forum????
Your web is down, and how download now ?
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