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[FIXED] Amxbans mysql issue (only_full_group_by)

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Old 03-30-2019 , 13:22   [FIXED] Amxbans mysql issue (only_full_group_by)
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first of all I'm using NFO
I got this issue when I go to search tab of my amxbans

Expression #2 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column 'blublu_amx.amx_bans.admin_nick' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
I tried to solve the issue with
but it requires super privilege and NFO doesn't offer it.
so anyone know how I can get around this stupid error.


$query=$mysql->query("SET SESSION sql_mode = '';");
Since NFO doesnt offer full privilege therefore; this will run before software starts and overwrites it.

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Old 11-17-2020 , 12:13   Re: [FIXED] Amxbans mysql issue (only_full_group_by)
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i have the same problem but he is banned , mby can someone to tell me where do i have to put this query ?
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