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Old 10-05-2020 , 22:07   [EXTENSION] SM-Memory
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I wanted to write an extension, so I wrote one.

SM Memory exposes your basic cstdlib memory functions for SourceMod plugins to use, giving them more control over memory allocation and deallocation.

With that said, when would you ever want to use an extension that does something like this?
The answer: Never.

SourceMod gives you enough control already. You shouldn't be using this extension just for the sake of raw pointers.

There are only 2 possible cases I could think of in which this extension would ever be useful.

Case 1:

Case 2

Case 2.5:

Also worth mentioning that you're in control of what you do with the memory, therefore you are responsible for it. There's no safety net, no precautions, no nothing. It's all on you. Everything remains as is even if your plugin unloads. This is why I can't stress this enough when I say that you really shouldn't use this extension unless absolutely necessary.

I can go on and on about how this isn't a safe extension to use, but surely that's gotten through your head. TLDR; only use it for things it's needed for.

Note, if you're running 64-bit SourceMod, you'll need to build the ext yourself. Releases will not work at all with 64-bit servers.

Over-engineering is underrated.


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