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[ANY] Profile and Game Detail Check

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    Checks if the player entering the server is not admin.
    Old 01-16-2020 , 19:59   [ANY] Profile and Game Detail Check
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    • If player have any permission, he can join server with private profile.
    • Check every player that joined the server.
    • You can determine the private profiles with using "sm_hours" command. Logs are showing in console.

    • sm_hours <player/@target/#userid>
    • With the command you can re-check the players entering the server.


    • private_api_key : steam api key (https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey)
    • private_time : 100 | Kick players if they dont have more than 100 hours (You can change the number)
    • private_login : Kick the player that have private profile
    • private_gameid : Game app id that check the playing hours
    • private_kick : Kick player?


    Version 1.1
    • Non-prime players are kick. If admin is not prime, it will not be kick.
    • The info message for admin does not write in the chat.

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    Old 01-21-2020 , 15:08   Re: [ANY] Profile and Game Detail Check
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    does this kick also profiles with hidden game details?
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