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[L4D] Vote noobs teleporter

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Left 4 Dead
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    Vote for teleporting noobs and stucked players to your position
    Old 01-21-2020 , 14:19   [L4D] Vote noobs teleporter
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    This plugin is usually intended to teleport noobs in saferoom.
    - teleport players with > X distance to your position.
    - teleport players that collide with some objects, including self-help.
    - vote announcement
    - flexible configuration of access rights
    - logging (ip/country/nick/SteamId)
    Logfile location:
    - logs/vote_tele.log
    - by default, vote can be started by everybody (adjustable).
    - ability to set minimum time to allow repeat the vote.
    - ability to set minimum players count to allow starting the vote.
    - ability to start teleport without vote for players with selected admin flag.
    - set #PRIVATE_STUFF to 1 to unlock some additional options - forbid vote by name or SteamID
    Settings (ConVars):

    - sm_votetele_maxdist - def.: 100.0 - Maximum safe distance to player who vote (other players + stuck players will be teleported)
    - sm_votetele_delay - def.: 60 - Minimum delay (in sec.) allowed between votes
    - sm_votetele_timeout - def.: 10 - How long (in sec.) does the vote last
    - sm_votetele_announcedelay - def.: 2.0 - Delay (in sec.) between announce and vote menu appearing
    - sm_votetele_minplayers - def.: 2 - Minimum players present in game to allow starting vote for teleporting
    - sm_votetele_accessflag - def.: "" - Admin flag required to start the vote (leave empty to allow for everybody)
    - sm_votetele_overrideflag - def.: "k" - Admin flag required to start teleporting without the vote (leave empty to disable this ability)
    - sm_votetele_log - def.: 1 - Use logging? (1 - Yes / 0 - No)
    - sm_votetele_preventontanks - def.: 1 - Prevent using vote teleport when tanks count > 0 (require left4dragokas.smx)
    - sm_tele (sm_noobs, sm_noob) - Try to start vote for teleporting
    - sm_stuck - to self help in case you get stuck in texture by incident.
    - sm_veto - Allow admin to veto current vote (ADMFLAG_BAN is required)
    - sm_votepass - Allow admin to bypass current vote (ADMFLAG_BAN is required)
    - GeoIP extension (included in SourceMod).
    - (optional) "left4dragokas" - to use "sm_votetele_preventontanks" functionality.
    - Russian
    - English
    - copy smx file to addons/sourcemod/plugins/
    - copy phrases.txt file to addons/sourcemod/translations/
    - [L4D] Votekick (no black screen)
    - [L4D] Vote difficulty (no black screen)
    - [L4D] Votemute (no black screen)
    - [L4D] Map changer with rating system (no black screen)
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    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (l4d_votetele.sp - 67 views - 16.8 KB)
    File Type: txt l4d_votetele.phrases.txt (2.3 KB, 25 views)
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