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FF2 [BOSS] Randy Scotsman

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Old 02-13-2022 , 15:14   [BOSS] Randy Scotsman
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Randy Scotsman

Name:  Randy Scotsman.jpg
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Health Formula: (((763+n)*n)^1.07)
Ability 1: Gives Grenade Launcher
Ability 2: Stun
Ability 3: Brave Jump

(You Guys Can Edit The File To Make him have more abilities. Just send me the file. so I wanna test myself.)

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Old 02-14-2022 , 21:15   Re: [BOSS] Randy Scotsman
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Not really errors, but just some things I want to point out.

"attributes" "" //Weapon attributes.

There are no attributes for his melee weapon. This means that his melee is just a stock bottle, which means that his melee is very weak.

"ragedamage" "1900"

"arg1" "10.0" //Duration of stun

Rage damage is pretty low for a long stun and pretty decently high damage Grenade launcher.

"name" "charge_bravejump" //Ability Name.

"arg0" "1" //Slot
"arg1" "1.5" //Seconds to full charge
"arg2" "5.0" //Seconds to reload
"arg3" "1.0" //Force multiplier

"plugin_name" "default_abilities" //Ability Plugin (without the extension).

This is a pretty outdated version of the Super Jump. A better version is available, listed as dynamic_jump in the dynamic_defaults sub plugin.

There are no sounds, which is probably intentional, but it leaves players with just a pretty silent battle against a boss. But, sounds are not necessary, and I can get that they are not included.

"description_en" "I was stuck in those bloody mines for 48 hours today."

Again, same as the sounds, a description is not really necessary. But, it is helpful for players to know how a boss works before they select them. Adding a good description will make your boss more likely to be picked.

Also not necessary, but I always list what sub plugins are required for a boss. This helps whoever is going to use the CFG by telling them what they need instead of having to search through the CFG to see what they need.
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