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Country Nick Plugin

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    Add country flag of the player in his/her nickname
    Old 01-05-2009 , 13:02   Country Nick Plugin
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    This plugin adds the country flag in his/her nickname and announces the player country when he/she connects to the server. This is NOT a country filter plugin.

    Example :
    Chat message : nickname from USA joined the game
    nickname becomes [US]nickname in the scoreboard
    if the country is unknown, [--]nickname

    Requirements :
    • Sourcemod 1.1 (function SetClientInfo only available since 1.1)
    • GeoIP (included in Sourcemod)
    Known bugs :
    • Flag is not set back when players changes his/her nickname ingame (need help on this one, I get infinite loop : hooked player_changename, when player changes name, player_changename is fired, I add the flag into the new nick and set the new nick, player_changename is fired again, etc.)
    • The plugin does not use the translation layer of soucemod. It's only two phrases so ... edit and recompile source.
    • Does not work on Windows servers (see bug 3569 : https://bugs.alliedmods.net/show_bug.cgi?id=3569 ); plugin development halted until this bug is fixed.
    • Sometime you can see the player changing his name twice ([UK]oldname => newname => [UK]newname).
    • According to some people in this thread, this plugin does not work on Windows servers. Awaiting infos...
    Changelog :
    • 1.0 - Initial release
    • 1.1
      • Fixed ingame change name (thx Antithasys)
      • Added translation support
      • unknown country => "[--]nickname" instead of "nickname"
    • 1.1.1
      • Fixed warning 219 at compile time
    Plan :
    • Ability to custom format the nickname
    • Cvar to disable announcer
    Setup :
    Put countrynick.smx in plugins and countrynick.phrases.txt in translations. The archive translations.zip contains pl and de languages at the moment.

    Misc :
    I couldn't found a plugin that adds the flag to the nickname so I made it. It was done for my L4D server but It should work on any other game.

    I advice you to update from time to time your GEOIP database to keep the current country <=> IP up to date. The database can be downloaded here http://geolite.maxmind.com/download/...y/GeoIP.dat.gz
    Attached Files
    File Type: sp Get Plugin or Get Source (countrynick.sp - 14148 views - 3.1 KB)
    File Type: txt countrynick.phrases.txt (300 Bytes, 8142 views)
    File Type: zip translations.zip (1.1 KB, 6979 views)

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