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Some attributes don't seem to work.

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Old 09-11-2017 , 19:02   Some attributes don't seem to work.
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I'm trying to apply knockback to the Engineer's pistol. The configuration for the pistol looks like this:

"preserve-attributes" "1"

"1" "4 ; 1.5" // clip size bonus, +50%
"2" "44 ; 1" // scattergun has knockback, true
"3" "216 ; 2" // scattergun knockback mult, +100%

The clip size modifier works fine, but the pistol has no knockback. Am I doing something wrong, or can you only add knockback to scatterguns?
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Old 09-11-2017 , 19:22   Re: Some attributes don't seem to work.
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Many attributes are implemented only in their specific weapon entity classes, or not implemented in the game at all. Generally, if Valve do not use the attribute on the specific weapon class that you are, it probably wont work.
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Old 04-08-2018 , 11:26   Re: Some attributes don't seem to work.
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Yes, unfortunately, certain attributes are a tad difficult to work with. Hell, for some reason, Cow Mangler projectiles aren't compatible with projectile speed increases.

Whilst I believe there are other methods to approach this, If you're still trying to use normal attributes for this purpose, there are 3 attributes that have a similar effect to this.

215 "apply z velocity on damage"
Applies a vertical impulse for the damage victim. The impulse is on the Z axis.

216 "apply look velocity on damage"
Adds an impulse in the direction the attacker is facing. Tad problematic, sometimes.

522 "damage causes airblast"
Haven't tested this since Jungle Inferno, but this is still used in MvM, so it should work. It deals an airblast-like impulse on damage.


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