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[TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9.4 (beta version 11/14/2013)

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Team Fortress 2
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    Buy uber upgrades as in Mvm but whith a source menu shop, anytime on battlefield. Works in all gamemodes
    Old 04-29-2013 , 09:28   [TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9.4 (beta version 11/14/2013)
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    [TF2ITEMS][TF2ATTRIBUTES]Uber Upgrades v0.9.4

    (beta version 11/14/2013)


    Permit everyone to access to a buy menu. It allow to upgrade player and its equipment, also allows to get an additional primary weapon, and upgrade it, anytime.

    Plugin dependencies

    Tf2Items // functionalities depending of it is disabled in this version. but it still might be required
    SDKTools(for the keyboard shortcut).


    uberupgrades_version: plugin version

    sm_uu_moneybonuskill : Sets the money bonus a client gets for killing: default 100
    sm_uu_moneyforteam_ratio: Sets the ratio of Money_drop from client that the team gets when killing him: default 0.05
    with Money_drop = squareroot((money including money spent on upgrades from client))

    sm_uu_moneyforotherteam_ratio: When a client get killed how much its team gets compared to killing team : default 0.5

    sm_uu_startmoney: how much money when game starts ; def is 600

    sm_uu_timermoneygive_blueteam: evry 20sec, blue team will get [x] $
    sm_uu_timermoneygive_redteam: evry 20sec, red team will get [x] $

    sm_uu_automoneyforteam_ratio: default is 1; Will provide money autobalance system between teams
    if enabled
    ALL money drops of a team will be multiplicated by Balance_ratio_of_that_teamē
    Balance_ratio = (total money incl. money spend on upgrades of opposite team) / (total money incl. money spend on upgrades of team)
    so basicamente a team two time richer will get 4 time less money and other team will gain 4 time more


    • Usable with ALL gamemodes for abilities/upgrades testing/fun purpose with current cfg files.
    • Customizable to get slow or fast upgrade system during a pvp map.
    • Translation system with 5 langages! (thanks to contributors); en-fr-de-sv-pt
    (See help on sourcemod forums about how to setup different langages)
    • No Mvm regular shop, entity is REmoveD from map when using this plugin as it is not compatible so no canteens for now soon..)
    • Other-mod friendly
    • For now, money making in non-mvm gamemode is made by ;
    -killing opponents
    The more upgraded they are, the more money you and your team gets
    -time based event
    • Hundreds of attributes for almost all weapons ( in actual cfg files), and classes
    • Ccreate or edit unique attribute values (attriubte type, price, upgrade ratio, min and max values. So an attribute can have different costs, minmax, depending of class or weapon
    • Tweaks with attributes pack mixing disablities and upgrades, also customizable via cfg file.
    /*Attach buyable upgrades category lists and attribute lists for players entities and items via cfg file
    Replace your last slot by an upgradable new weapon (early version, can be enabled/disabled, weapon lists for class will be editable via cfg file in a future release)*/ <- disabled in this version

    Known bugs
    • sry about that namechange spam/ will be workin on it
    • Spy watches/sappers not included/not wurkin, but soon..
    • Not too problematic but still category name title is bugged in some submenu display..
    • No Mvm regular shop, entity is Removed from map when using this plugin and no canteens for now soon..)
    • Some wearables and other weapon upg lists might not be defined in actual cfg files
    • Checkpoints in Mvm gamemode might still be messy? (money restored but previous class attributes persists). This might only occurs when you lose waves in Mann Versus Machine.
    • Some few weapons attributes/categories lists might be illogical an/or nunworkin (ex clip size on widowmaker..)

    Is working nice, but still need testing/feedback.

    Clients Command list
    !buy: access to the menu
    ->A shortcut has been hardcoded: Reload+showscore (tf2 default is <R>+<Tab>).
    still bind is better...
    !uuhelp: display mod help in the chat // to be improved

    !uurspwn 0 | 1 (def 1): diable/enable buymenu shows when respawns
    //!uudteamup 0 | 1 (def 1):diable/enable team upgrades display in chat //nope is disabled
    //[Admin]!us_enable_buy_new_weapon 0 | 1 (def 1): enable/disable //nope is disabled


    2013-11-14 (v0.9.4)
    -More attributes, less bugs
    -Translation system with 5 langages! (thanks to contributors); en-fr-de-sv-pt
    See help on sourcemod forums about how to setup different langages
    -A little bit of cleaning / stabilizing / optimization (yet, not enough)
    -on pvp, attributes now stays until map change. Because nobody was capping no more D:

    2013-05-20 (v0.9.1)
    -Added "cost increased" possibility
    -Blocked "backstaqb shield" attribute as it removes item, and might crash server...
    -Tested successfully with loads of cash (more than 2 million) on any gamemode.
    -A bit of cleaning / stabilizing

    2013-05-15 (v0.9 )
    -Corrected bug where original items attributes were not loading on map restart/team change
    -Better .cfg lists with more balanced/working attributes
    -CVars for money winning rules

    2013-05-6 (v0.8 )
    -Corrected bug when new attributes wouldn t fix on map restart/team change
    -Added cfg lists for attribute define/differenciation
    -Tested on cp/ctf/pl/plr/koth/arena/mvm

    2013-04-29 (v0.6)
    Alpha release

    Installation instructions

    Uncompress zip file in your $/addons/sourcemod/ directory,
    if will put files in existin folders. At the right place.
    If you re sure that tf2items, tf2attributes and tf2iteminfo are workin,
    it will be enough

    Usage of cfg files - advanced

    uu_attributes.cfg: defines all attributes used in other cfg files.
    Max possible is 600 entries

    Theses attributes are identified in other cfg files by their "ref",
    they are linked to attribute (from items_game.txt) by their "name"
    other values are can be understood without much problem: "value", "cost", "min", "max"
    "increased cost" defines the cost value raise of an upgrade each time. If undef == 0.1
    -> (2nd upgrade cost) = (1st upgrade cost + (1st upgrade cost * increased cost))
    So OP attributes, as fire rate can be balanced a bit

    uu_weapons.cfg: links all "tf_weapon_or_item_class_names" to their corresponding "upgrade_list"
    Maximum possible is 81 entries

    uu_lists.cfg: define all the "body_(tf2_class)--for player attached upgrades-- and weapon upgrade lists ,categories and attributes ref. Max possible is up to 8 categories per lists, then 42 attrbutes per categories for each list.

    "lists" {
    "body_scout" // list for the scout body upgrades. these ones must have their names unchanged
    "special_tweaks_listid" "-1" //The #position of the special tweak category, -1 if none"
    #position start with 0, so third position in menu means "2" (0, 1, [2])
    "health upgrades"
    "Up1" "Additionnal health" //upgrade 'ref' defined in uu_attributes.txt
    "Up2" "upref"
    "protection upgrades"

    "list_name_ex" // list to link to a weapon in uu_weapons.cfg
    "cat_name 1"

    "special_tweaks_listid" "1" //"The #position of the special tweak category, -1 if none"

    "attr" "attribute ref 1"

    "sp_tweak_list_id" "slow firerate while raising damage" // special sidegrade ref in special_tweaks.txt



    uu_specialtweaks.cfg: List all the special tweaks.
    "Special Tweak name"
    "Attribute ref 1" "ratio of [attribute value] to apply (ex 5 time "damage upgrade value" -> 5*25 = 125%)"

    To change the gametype dsecription in server lists you should use st_gamedesc_override plugin and steamtools extension,
    so people can understand this is not regular server gamemode.

    Installation instructions for MVM

    To get a good mvm testing playground, default version should be used with insane upgraded bots. A quick on-the-fly
    random popfile and leveled-bots generator written in PHP is almost finished, thanks to contributors. You might ask for
    some popfiles in pm till it get finished and released

    Compilation instructions
    COMPILER 1.5 Required. There's a zip contains all the script divided in txt parts, or the raw sp file if ya want!
    Use the 4 corresponding depency inc files in order to compile the plugin.(Tf2Items.inc,Tf2Attributes.inc,TF2Ite msInfo.inc,SDKTools.inc)

    Thank a million to all developers and contributors which have made these scripts possible!

    Ziparchive => Plugins directory which contains plugin file,
    (optional)scripting is source 'files' along with bash(untested)/bat(tested) scripts to get fast compilation of uu directory;
    configs mandatory cfg files
    translation mandatory phrases files

    full version contains source, other is main files only


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    Old 04-29-2013 , 10:45   Re: [TF2] [Tf2Items] [TF2Attributes] Uber Upgrades 0.6 alpha version
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    Source file please
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    Old 04-29-2013 , 11:22   Re: [TF2] [Tf2Items] [TF2Attributes] Uber Upgrades 0.6 alpha version
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    Was in zip file
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    Old 04-29-2013 , 11:28   Re: [TF2] [Tf2Items] [TF2Attributes] Uber Upgrades 0.6 alpha version
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    Not far away from any gamemode version
    so this will be available for normal gameplay (non mvm) ?
    I started doing this with tf2Items config (no coding) but stopped at some point bcs too much work @[email protected]
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    Old 04-29-2013 , 11:49   Re: [TF2] [Tf2Items] [TF2Attributes] Uber Upgrades 0.6 alpha version
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    wrapped up

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    Old 04-30-2013 , 18:54   Re: [TF2] [Tf2Items] [TF2Attributes] Uber Upgrades 0.6 alpha version
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     //KvJumpToKey(kv, "STEAM_0:0:7", true);
     //KvSetString(kv, "name", );
     //KeyValuesToFile(kv, "C:\\tmp\\Upgrades_tables.txt")
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    Old 04-30-2013 , 19:42   Re: [TF2] [Tf2Items] [TF2Attributes] Uber Upgrades 0.6 alpha version
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    Originally Posted by NameUser View Post
     //KvJumpToKey(kv, "STEAM_0:0:7", true);
     //KvSetString(kv, "name", );
     //KeyValuesToFile(kv, "C:\\tmp\\Upgrades_tables.txt")
    This mod was built within few time, and I left many weird and maybe not useful stuff over there.
    This part is a TODO reminder. I ll use these fonction to print out all my hard coded lists into config files. Then the mod would be customizable...

    Edit: That ' s wrapped up!

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    Old 05-06-2013 , 04:45   Re: [TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.8 (beta version 5/6/2013)
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    and is now IN BETA STAGE!

    dev/test server

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    Old 05-16-2013 , 05:23   Re: [TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9 (beta version 5/15/2013)
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    Best mod I've ever played, I love it, it has lot of potential.
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    Old 05-16-2013 , 17:01   Re: [TF2] Uber Upgrades v0.9 (beta version 5/15/2013)
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    Played on your gameserver, and seen the mod.

    Works pretty well must say. It is a bit build out then the other simliar version wich is made public a few days ago.

    You have added the option to pick other weapons then the class has and the option to buy unusual paticles on weapons.

    Ar you gone add more stuff if i may ask.? Like !robot, color weapons things like that so it would be a full menu wich people can buy stuff if they may make enough money ofcourse.

    Keep up the works. gone add this version also on a new server soon.
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