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DoD Field Medic

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Day of Defeat        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   Hawk552 (427)
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DoD Field Medic - For Day of Defeat 1.3
(update 6-3-08)

This plugin allows players to regenerate hitpoints (health). Players can be healed by saying "/medic" (in team chat), or by automatic healing, or both, depending on how the plugin is configured.

(Note: Yes, I've seen the other automatic health regeneration plugins and the awesome DoD Medic Class plugin by TatsuSaisei. The capabilities of this plugin lies somewhere in between those. We've been running this plugin on our server for a while now and all the players really seem to like it.)

Calling a Medic:
Players use 'say_team /medic' to summon a Medic. Doing so will initiate the healing precess. At default settings, this will regenerate 100 hitpoints in 10 seconds. Players can only summon a medic a set number of times (default 2) per life. If you summon a medic with 100 health, or while currently being healed by the medic, it will still count against you. When a player calls for a medic, a voice file can optionally be played from the player's location for all to hear.

Players will automatically regenerate hitpoints whenever they are injured. At default settings, the healing is at a slower rate of 1 hitpoint per second. Kind of like 'walking it off'.

Both Methods: (default)
The plugin defaults to performing both options at the same time. Calling a 'Medic' overrides the auto-healing until you are at 100% health.

The plugin has an option to slow a player down while they are being healed. It is off by default.

The basic healing routine is from the 'HP Regeneration by Doombringer' plugin that I've modified somewhat. The idea of using a voice call is from the plugin 'DoD Missing Sounds by Trp. Jed'.

Compatability Note:
The 'say_team /medic' client command will be forwarded on to other plugins after this plugin has processed it. So if other plugins uses the same command, they will still get processed as long as the other plugin is initialized after this one. How other health plugins may affect this one is unknown.

dod_fieldmedic <#|?> (access level 'h' - default 3)
0 - Disables the plugin
1 - Players heal quickly when they call a Medic
2 - Players heal themselves automatic, but slowly
3 - Both mode-1 and mode-2 are enabled
? - Displays these command parameters

dodmedic_ctrl - Controls Plugin Mode (default 3)
dodmedic_autotime - Time rate to add auto-healing hitpoints (default 1.0)
dodmedic_autostep - Hitpoints to add for auto-healing time rate (default 1)
dodmedic_automaxhp - Maximum health for auto-healing (default 80)
dodmedic_time - Time rate to add Medic hitpoints (default 0.1)
dodmedic_step - Hitpoints to add for each time rate (default 1)
dodmedic_maxhp - Maximum health for Medic healing (default 100)
dodmedic_sound - Player yells "Medic" when called (default 1)
dodmedic_calls - Number of times a Medic can be called per life (default 2)
dodmedic_maxspeed - Speed player moves while being healed by Medic (default 30)
dodmedic_maxspeed_enable - <0|1> Enable maxspeed feature (default 0 - disabled)
dodmedic_fu_ck - <0|1> Enable FUllupdate cheCK (default 1 - enabled (N/A on Ham version))

There are 2 versions offered...
V2.0 (dod_fieldmedic.sma) is for those who use Amxmodx prior to v1.8.
V2.1H (dod_fieldmedic_H.sma) utilizes features in the Hamsandwich module.

Revision History:
2.1H (6-4-08)
Implement HamSandwich module for Damage detection.

2.0H (6-3-08)
Implement HamSandwich module for Death and Spawn detection.
Removed 'fullupdate' protection (not required when using Ham)

2.0 (6-3-08)
Option to slow player while being healed by a Medic
More CVars added to control options
Protection to block 'fullupdate' command
Uses DeathMsg event instead of client_death forward
Uses global variables to track tasks

1.5 (7-29-07)
Removed ability to call Medic in all-chat. Player must now call medic via say_team only.
Changed default medic healing time for faster regeneration.
Added random responses if a medic is called excessivily.

1.3 (6-12-07)
Original Release.

The plugin includes a server-side variable named DOD_FieldMedic so you can locate servers that use the plugin via Game-monitor

(update 6-3-08)
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