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DoD Deathnades - Drop grenades on death

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Plugin Info:     Modification:   Day of Defeat        Category:   Gameplay        Approver:   Hawk552 (427)
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Old 04-25-2007 , 20:36   DoD Deathnades - Drop grenades on death
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DOD DeathNades - Written for Day of Defeat 1.3


Rewritten by Vet(3TT3V)
Rewritten by Wilson [29th ID]
Original Plugin by Firestorm

About this Plugin:
This plugin is another rewrite of Firestorm's dod_dropgrenades plugin. That plugin was also rewritten by Wilson [29th ID] who added some sweet features. However, Firestorm's was written with engine instead of fakemeta, and I never could get Wilson's to work the way I thought it should, so I decided to write my own. So this rewrite is kind of a combination of those 2 plugins, plus I've added many new features. And I omitted a few of the others' features. Feature changes are listed below. Both Firestorm's original plugin and Wilson's rewrite can be obtained at www.dodplugins.net

This plugin will allow players who die, to drop the grenades they're carrying, and allows other players to pick them up and use them. The number of grenades dropped is dependent upon the plugin's control setting. The plugin's behavior is controllable by admins with level 'h' status via the 'amx_dod_deathnades' console command. The plugin has been fully tested on both Windows and LINUX servers running Amxx 1.76c.

New Features:
- Ability to control, via Admin Command, how many grenades are dropped
- Grenades will not be dropped if player commits suicide or is TKed
- Optionally reports to the killer, via chat, that the victim dropped grenades
- Optionally disallows victims killed by grenades or rockets to spawn grenades
- Grenades will fall at random locations near the victim, and at random angles
- Players may only carry 2 grenades of each type (4 grenades max)
- Ability to drop enemy grenades you've picked up
- Bots won't pickup grenades when 'use' key is not enforced
- Logs changes made by admins to the control value

Features Kept:
- Option to force players to press their 'use' key to pick up nades
- Grenade's lifespan time can be changed via cvar
- Spawns actual enemy's grenades

Features Dropped - why:
- Compatability with Zor's Smoke Grenades plugin - don't know how
- Option to drop ammobox model instead of grenade - didn't like it
- Ability to drop grenades while alive - like I'm gonna give up a nade
(Feel free to modify this plugin to re-add the features if you want them)

amx_dod_deathnades <#|?> (0 - 4, default = 2)
0 = Disables the plugin
1 = Drop 1 nade of YOUR TEAM'S type
2 = Drops up to 2 nades of ANY type (default)
3 = Drops up to 3 nades of ANY type
4 = Drops ALL nades of ANY type
(Note: Of course, nades are only dropped if you have them)

dod_deathnades_life <##> - Life (in seconds) of the grenade after its dropped (Default 20)
dod_deathnades_say <0|1> - Announce to killer, in chat, that victim dropped grenades (Default 1)
dod_deathnades_wpn <0|1> - Don't drop a grenade if killed by a grenade or rocket (Default 1)
dod_deathnades_use <0|1> - Force players to press the 'use' key to pick up grenades (Default 0)
dod_deathnades_glow <0|1> - Give nades a 'glowing' effect to help recognition.(Default 0)
dod_deathnades_glow_type <-1|0|1> - Glow for dropped (-1), both (0) or live (1) nades (Default 1)
dod_deathnades_glow_team <0|1> - Glow with yellow or use the team colors (Default 1 - team)

Firestorm - www.dodplugins.net
- Original plugin idea and code

Wilson [29th ID] - www.dodplugins.net
- The main conversion of Firestorm's plugin to fakemeta
- Implemention of the 'use' key to pickup grenades
- Giving grenades a variable lifespan
- Use of #defines instead of fakemeta_util (sweet idea)

teame06 - www.alliedmods.net
- Providing a work-around for 'dod_get_user_ammo' on LINUX machines

There are now 2 versions offered...
V2.0 (dod_deathnades.sma) is for those who use Amxmodx prior to v1.8.
V2.2H (dod_deathnades_H.sma) utilizes features in the Hamsandwich module.

Revision History:
2.3H (10-14-09)
Fix/Work-around for bug in 'dodfun' module 1.80+ that causes nades to glow the wrong colors (incorrect thrown nade values returned by grenade_throw function).

2.2H (10-08-09)
Fixed nades being removed when touched but not picked up
Option to Glow dropped nades OR live nades (OR both)
Option to Glow nades with team colors or same color (yellow) for both

2.1H (3-12-09)
Added option to 'glow' dropped grenades
Nades dropped with random velocity
Changed grenade classname for compatibility with other plugins
Discontinued non-HamSandwich version updates
Note: This version introduced a minor bug that removed dropped nades
when they were touched by a player carring the max number of nades.

2.0H (6-3-08)
Utilizes HamSandwich for Touch and Think routines
Requires Amxmodx 1.8+ and Hamsandwich module

2.0 (6-3-08)
Corrrected weapons misreporting in DeathMsg
Fixed switching to picked-up nade if using a knife or spade
Cleanup nades if ctrl changed to 0 in the middle of a round
Many code efficiency improvements (see comments in sma)

1.85 (6-2-07)
Added server-side variable named DOD_Deathnades to track plugin usage via Game-Monitor
Changed CVAR dod_deathnades_life to default to 20 seconds
Changed CVAR dod_deathnades_use to default to 0

1.8 (5-6-07)
Added a routine to clear dropped grenades at the end of a round

1.7 (4-27-07)
Fix for servers running LINUX

1.6 (4-25-07)
Original release

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File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (dod_deathnades.sma - 2507 views - 12.2 KB)
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