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[L4D2] Primary Weapon Low Reserve Automatic Regeneration v1.11.2 【2022-08-04】

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    Old 02-10-2022 , 07:10   [L4D2] Primary Weapon Low Reserve Automatic Regeneration v1.11.2 【2022-08-04】
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    • Automatic regenerate reserve ammo of primary weapon, when sum of clip and ammo is lower than a value.
    • Press "reload" button to trigger regeneration.
    • Customizable for each weapon.

    PHP Code:
    // set to none-zero to enable debug(press IN_SPEED to clear primary weapon clip and ammo of everyone)
    // -
    // Default: "0"
    automatic_reserve_ammo_regeneration_debug "0"

    // set to none-zero to instantly regenerate ammo
    // -
    // Default: "0"
    automatic_reserve_ammo_regeneration_instantly "0" 
    • all commands promise required ADMFLAG_RESERVATION.

      :flush to the original config data file.

      :load config data from file.

      :show list of config of each weapon.

      :show config of single weapon.

      :add/change config of single weapon.

      :remove config of single weapon.

    Original configs

    a config data named "automatic_reserve_ammo_regeneration_weapons. cfg" will automatic spawn at sourcemod/data/.


    Change log
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    Old 02-10-2022 , 14:32   Re: [L4D2] Primary Weapon Low Backup Ammo Automatic Regeneration v1.9.2 【2022-02-10】
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    PHP Code:
            int charger GetEntPropEnt(clientProp_Send"m_pummelAttacker");
    int charger2 GetEntPropEnt(clientProp_Send"m_carryAttacker");
    int hunter GetEntPropEnt(clientProp_Send"m_pounceAttacker");
    int joackey GetEntPropEnt(clientProp_Send"m_jockeyAttacker");
    charger || charger2 || hunter || joackey 0
    It's inefficient to pull all these values and then check them. Instead pull 1 and check etc. Also "joackey" should be "jockey".

    In "OnPlayerRunCmd" you pull data from the "G_kv" keyvalue... keyvalues are slow, I think it would be faster to pull the data into an Enum Struct on plugin start or something and query that. Especially considering that "OnPlayerRunCmd" runs for EVERY client connected many times per second.

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