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[REQ] CS 1.6 AFK kicker

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Old 04-05-2021 , 23:02   [REQ] CS 1.6 AFK kicker
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I know there are multiple afk kicker plugins posted on the site, yet not a single one worked the way I wanted.

My requirements for the plugin are:
1. Kick ct/t after a set amount of AFK time.
2. After a set amount of time, prompt a menu (like the vote menu) to a Spectator, if not answered, kick him.
after a set amount of time kick a spectator; writing a command in chat (lets say /imnotafk) resets the afk timer,
3. Warnings in chat for both ct/t and spectator when time before kicking decreases.

And that's it.

Does anyone have any suggestion on such a plugin? Maybe I've missed it.
Or perhaps someone could edit an existing plugin? (One of the plugins lacked the chat warning, the other lacked kicking option for spectators, the third had everything but was only able to move CTs to spectators instead of kicking them)

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