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Discord / Sourcebans

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Old 08-10-2020 , 18:05   Discord / Sourcebans
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Possible to make a webhook / discord bot that is only usuable by admins in the discord, basically you can ban people thru discord on the csgo server, the bot sends a request to the sourceban and bans it

So basically you would type to the bot $ban <STEAMID> time reason < to ban someone
$mute <STEAMID> time reason
$gag <STEAMID> time reason
$kick <STEAMID> reason

So like normal sourcebans ingame but in discord instead.

Willing to pay, thanks.

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Old 08-12-2020 , 01:36   Re: Discord / Sourcebans
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You can but, I don't see any good reason to write such a bot based on sourcemod.
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