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Crash random moment CS:GO

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Hello, I am a person who hosts CS:GO servers in 2016 (January 21, 2016) and the game crashes for all players at a random moment. What should I do? I can download the game patch from which everyone is playing, but just in case I’ll say it’s worth nosteam. Sourcemod 1.7.3, metamod 1.10.6.


01 "Admin File Reader" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
02 "Admin Help" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
03 "Admin Menu" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
04 "[ANY] Adminlist" (1.1) by Trinia
05 "Anti-Flood" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
06 "Basic Ban Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
07 "Basic Chat" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
08 "Basic Comm Control" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
09 "Basic Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
10 "Basic Info Triggers" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
11 "Basic Votes" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
12 "Client Preferences" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
13 "Connect MSG by Crazy improvements by ElleVen" (1.2) by Original : Crazy New: ElleVen
14 "CS:GO Admin ESP" (1.1) by Root
15 "[CS:GO] Damage printer" (1.0.0) by splewis
16 "[CS:GO] Spritetrail fix" (1.0.1) by FrozDark
17 "[CSGO] Team Limit Bypass" (1.1) by Zephyrus
18 "Fun Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
19 "Fun Votes" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
20 "CS:GO Sound" (1.0) by Team-Secretforce.com
21 "Jump Stats" (0.3.0) by ceLoFaN
22 "Levels Ranks" (v1.0.4) by RoadSide Romeo
23 "MapChooser" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
24 "Nextmap" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
25 "Player Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
26 "Reserved Slots" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
27 "Rock The Vote" (1.5.0-dev+3675) by AlliedModders LLC
28 "RoundSound" (1.1.0) by ANTiCHRiST Edited by TumTum
29 "Rules Plugin" (1.1) by haN
30 "[Shop] Core" (2.0.21) by FrozDark
31 "[Shop] Chat (CS:GO)" (1.0) by R1KO
32 "[Shop] Credits for kills" (1.1) by Patriot
33 "Simple Chat Processor (Redux)" (1.1.5) by Simple Plugins, Mini
34 "[CS:GO] Simple ResetMyScore plugin by Konti" ( by Konti
35 "Knife Upgrade" (2.5.7) by Klexen
36 "Sound Commands" (1.7.3-dev+5283) by AlliedModders LLC
37 "[VIP] Spawn Effects" (1.2) by Mr.ToNik
38 "[VIP] Test" (1.0.3) by R1KO (skype: vova.andrienko1)
39 "[VIP] Tracers" (1.1) by R1KO
40 "[VIP] Vips Online" (1.0.1) by R1KO (skype: vova.andrienko1)
41 "[VIP] Bhop" (1.0.2) by KOROVKA
42 "[VIP] Core" (2.1.2 #2 DEV) by R1KO (skype: vova.andrienko1)
43 "[VIP] Kill Screen" (1.0.2) by R1KO (skype: vova.andrienko1)
44 "[VIP] Skins" (1.0.5) by R1KO (skype: vova.andrienko1)
45 "[VIP] Tag" (1.1) by R1KO
46 "[VIP] Trails" (1.2) by R1KO
47 "Conmessage" (1.0.0) by Markie

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