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end roundsounds and quake sounds in offline cs 1.6?

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Old 09-28-2021 , 05:21   end roundsounds and quake sounds in offline cs 1.6?
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Hello guys
At first : can I make a way in my offline counter-strike 1.6 for something like quake sounds and end round sound in that. attention not online server!
if Yes : please continue.
if No : please write me a way for that.
what I did by game :
If you asked me about "counter-strike" last week, I told you I can just play it and I think it is a good game !
But ... in fact, it beginning from last week when I wanted to change the "counter-strike" sounds, I tried and at the end, I succeeded to fix it, but I didn't stop I changed the background picture and the background music and the menu in the game the language was not English I fixed it and ..... now I know more about the counter. my problem started when I installed amxx on my offline counter ... when I went for play, the bots weren't in the map, I searched and I understood I need to install podbot to solve this problem and I did it.I installed a "damage" mod in my "counter-strike" and changed skins too, But ...
I have a problem with sounds : so I should explain exactly, in fact, my problem is not by the gun sounds or default game sounds , no!
I added quake sounds and end round sounds (quake sounds: headshot and first blood, and when T or CT won, a music playing at the end of the rounds ) in the game and they didn't work!
Ummm... I tried again and I searched and I understood something. so I think I should explain what am I did about this ... :

1 ) I installed the amxx Plugins " round sounds and quake sound " exactly like the guides.
2 ) I edited this line in my plugin.ini file in
HTML Code:
; Counter-Strike
restmenu.amxx		; restrict weapons menu
statsx.amxx		; stats on death or round end (CSX Module required!)
miscstats.amxx		; bunch of events announcement for Counter-Strike
;stats_logging.amxx	; weapons stats logging (CSX Module required!)
3 ) And I saw the plugins in the consol ...
PHP Code:
name               version     author            file             status   
Admin Base         1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     admin
.amxx       running  
Damager            0.1b        Subb98            damager
.amxx     running  
RoundSound         1.0         PaintLancer       roundsound
.amxx  running  
QUAKE SOUNDS  5.0         HATTRICK (HTTRCK  QuakeSounds.amx  running  
Admin Commands     1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     admincmd
.amxx    running  
Admin Help         1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminhelp
.amxx   running  
Slots Reservation  1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminslots
.amxx  running  
-Lingual Sys  1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     multilingual.am  running  
Menus Front
-End    1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     menufront.amxx   running  
Commands Menu      1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     cmdmenu
.amxx     running  
Players Menu       1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     plmenu
.amxx      running  
Maps Menu          1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     mapsmenu
.amxx    running  
Plugin Menu        1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     pluginmenu
.amxx  running  
Admin Chat         1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminchat
.amxx   running  
Anti Flood         1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     antiflood
.amxx   running  
Scrolling Message  1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     scrollmsg
.amxx   running  
Messages     1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     imessage.amxx    running  
Admin Votes        1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     adminvote
.amxx   running  
NextMap            1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     nextmap
.amxx     running  
Nextmap Chooser    1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     mapchooser
.amxx  TimeLeft           1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     timeleft.amxx    running  
Pause Plugins      1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     pausecfg
.amxx    running  
Stats Configurati  1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     statscfg
.amxx    running  
Restrict Weapons   1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     restmenu
.amxx    running  
StatsX             1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     statsx
.amxx      running  
CS Misc
Stats     1.8.2       AMXX Dev Team     miscstats.amxx   running 
4 ) I Activated any sounds in the quake sounds plugin in the game by this command "amx_statscfgmenu" ...
5 ) I checked the sounds file addresses they are true and I copied them in mics or in the special address or I copied them to both addresses For more reassurance.
6 ) I can see in the console, plugins try to play the sounds by these commands :
PHP Code:
SPK "QuakeSounds/firstblood.wav"
spk misc/twinnar8 
But I can't hear the sounds!
Yes ... of course, I can hear the game sounds like gun sounds and ... but not "end round sounds" and "quake sounds".
when I own write those codes in the console, it works and I can hear the sounds!
ok, guys sorry I talked so much but pls help it make me what is the problem?
thx for read [ :
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